The Politician Who Cannot Tell a Lie Ron Paul

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by Ron Paul: The
Fed’s Interesting Week

Ron Paul is
an unusual phenomenon: a politician who always answers questions
fully and honestly. This tendency often gets him into trouble: although
people say they want straight-talking representatives, they often
react with horror when they get one.

Dr Paul’s
ruthless application of his convictions — minimal government, localism,
personal freedom and adherence to the letter of the US Constitution — alienates many of the conservatives who might have been expected
to back him.

For example,
although he doesn’t agree with abortion — as a GP, he
says, he delivered thousands of babies, and never came across a
case where a termination was necessary for the mother’s physical
or psychological well-being — he insists that abortion law
ought not to be a federal prerogative and, during his 2008 presidential
bid, resolutely refused to give the Pro-Lifers the assurances they

when almost every conservative legislator, including a great many
Democrats, supported a law to prevent gun-shops being sued for crimes
committed with weapons they had sold legally, he voted against the
measure on grounds that it represented a usurpation of jurisdiction
from the 50 states

Many Republicans
regarded his opposition to the Iraq war as almost treasonable. Although
the issue is no longer the shibboleth it was — plenty of conservatives,
knowing what they now know, wish that they had kept the trillion
dollars to spend on something else — Ron Paul is still treated with

Now I don’t
always agree with the Texas Congressman. Indeed, I don’t agree
with his absolutist non-interventionism. Although, like him, I opposed
the invasion of Iraq, I’m glad the US intervened militarily
against Nazism and Soviet expansionism, and I regard the alliance
of free English-speaking nations as one of the happiest geo-political
facts of our era.

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23, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

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