Does Your Lymphatic System Need a Tune-Up? If You Answer Yes to Any of These Questions, It May be Time for a Flush

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You are what
you eat and do not eliminate. Now that can be a troubling thought
when you consider all of the chemicals we take in that are foreign
to our body. One great hiding place for toxic waste is our lymphatic
system, which is the pathway for cellular waste to leave our tissues
to be eliminated from our body.

The lymphatic
system is a network of nodes, glands and tubes that relies on muscle
movement to flow and drain properly. Unlike our circulatory system,
the lymphatic system has no pump to move the fluid. So if you are
a couch potato, or just live a sedentary life, you probably have
a congested lymph system.

The lymphatic
system will also back up if you eat foods that don’t agree
with you. For example, anytime I eat foods with a lot of chemical
preservatives especially when combined with white flour products,
that bloated feeling I get is lymphatic congestion. The standard
American diet tends to do this to people. Anyone who has dieted
knows that when you start eating really healthy with lots of fresh
vegetables and no junk, you lose at least 3 to 4 pounds of water.
This is backed up fluid from your lymphatic system.

If this lymphatic
congestion is chronic, parasites and other critters will move in
because you will have become a great home for them. Another common
condition that trashes out the lymphatic system is leaky gut. This
is caused by chronic constipation, poor diet and or parasites that
cause waste to escape your intestines and move into body tissues
where it doesn’t belong: over time, this will result in autoimmune
conditions such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc.

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26, 2009

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