Nullification: The States Have a 'Nuclear Option,' Too

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After gambling
his young presidency on an ambitious domestic agenda, Barack Obama’s
political insecurity and ideological arrogance now demand passage
of a health care “reform” bill that will vastly increase
the federal government’s role in the lives of American citizens.
This could be accomplished in a number of ways, from a Trojan
Horse compromise
to the so-called “nuclear option”
of budgetary
. But make no mistake, it will be accomplished;
despite the vocal protestations of voters across the country.

Look carefully
though. Deaf to budget warnings and terrified of a minor legislative
loss, the Obama administration and its statist allies in Congress
may inadvertently be committing a much larger strategic error.

Their miscalculation
stems from a failure to recognize the true nature of President Obama’s
electoral mandate last fall. Certainly plenty of Americans share
his leftist world view, but many more Obama voters, especially the
independents who have since abandoned
him in droves, voted for his fiscally conservative platform of efficient
government, lower taxes, and more transparency. With each passing
day, it becomes increasingly obvious that is not the change they

Instead, the
eloquent centrist Americans thought they elected has been replaced
by a haughty cuadillo who demands that we all shut
and get on board with his various social engineering schemes.
And always, despite the abysmal economic track record of government,
his plans call for more federal control over private industry, including
our single-most important industry: Health care.

However, ripping
a page from the Bush playbook of condescension and demagoguery is
not the way for Obama to gain trust the trust he needs. Heavy handed
federal policy turns voters off even in the best of times, and these
are clearly not the best of times.

Outrage over
decades of bipartisan waste, fraud, and corruption has been on display
for the last six months, and widespread fear over the federal government’s
motives has driven millions of previously apathetic citizens to
vocal and vehement political activism for the very first time.

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16, 2009

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