Did DeLay Dance on Ron Paul's Head?

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Long before
he danced
with the stars
, then-House Majority Leader Tom DeLay two-stepped
all over fellow Texas Rep.
Ron Paul’s
hopes of overseeing the Federal Reserve, according
to an account provided by House Financial
Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank

In a broader
interview with my colleagues Phil
and Benton
, Frank offered this assessment of how DeLay and other GOP
leaders tiptoed around giving Paul – who
wants to abolish the Fed
– the gavel of the subcommittee
with jurisdiction over it:

“In 2003,
Ron Paul was in line to be chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy
Subcommittee of this committee. Specifically and solely to frustrate
Ron from being the chairman, they merged the Subcommittee on Domestic
Monetary Policy with the Subcommittee on International Monetary
Policy. Ron Paul then complained to Tom DeLay, and Tom DeLay told
Mike] Oxley [R-Ohio]
‘Don’t change it’ … [T]wo years later,
even though they merged the two subcommittees in the progression,
Ron was then again ready to be chairman, this time of the combined
one. [Then-Rep.
Deborah] Pryce [R-Ohio]
was dragooned to come back and assert
a subcommittee chairmanship … Ron at that point said to me, ‘I
guess I have to wait for you to be chairman for me to have any authority
around here.’ The Republican Party was a staunch defender of the
Fed against Ron Paul.”

the rest of the article

25, 2009

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