Welfare Cures They Don't Want You To Know About

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Late night
infomercials are quite amusing, especially when it involves Kevin
Trudeau and his assembly of agreeing cleavage.

Yet, forget
about the books on debt, weight loss and natural cures they don't
want you to know about… what about the "Welfare Cures"
they don't want you to know about?

the min wage

In spite of
that "brand new" regression model brewing in the hallways
of Cornell or the eternally touted New Jersey experiment, min wage
laws are not helping the poor! There is no new data that proves
economic tradition incorrect; there are only additional tiny fractions
of data whirling in a sea of formulae. Statisticians (code for economists
before graduate school) may simply elect or exclude whatever data
they wish — be it too hard or too expensive to measure — in order
to reach their proper margin of error. Yet, if these data-pushers
could truly sift through a world of six billion intricately networked
individuals, they would find their answer sitting on the lap of
a college freshman in econ 101 — price supports cause scarcity!

the FED

A malicious
printing, credit granting, monster lives amongst us. Not only is
this monster responsible for the relative decline of our purchasing
power it is partnered-in-scheme to redistribute wealth from the
vast toward the selective. Behind their secrecy and double speak
linger the inflationary henchman of a banking confederacy, the Fed.
Using various monetary concoctions, the Federal Reserve has the
capacity, and resilience, to redistribute wealth by means of inflation.
Yet, unlike Robin Hood, this form of redistribution is absent of
a feel-good mechanism often accompanying taxation. There is no wealth
transferred from "greedy rich" to the "innocent poor";
in fact, much like Friedman's negative income tax, the distribution
is inverse. Wealth is thus transferred, via inflation, from the
vast bulk of the populace to the selective few of the rich — the
connected? How you may ask? When money is inflated its purchasing
power declines, yet, the decline is not instant, there is a lag.
Therefore, those of initial receiving are liberated from the eventual
decline of purchasing power, whereas, those on the final stages
of receiving are left with idle wealth and inflated prices. These
individuals on the lower ends of the totem pole are the wounded.

Subsidizations of Employment, Unemployment and Employer

Indulge me
for a second as I parallel subsidizing to American Idol. We all
love watching the first two weeks of singing rejects get their feelings
hurt by Simon, we wonder, how can they not know? Well, like a world
of ever-smiling mothers (and Paula Abduls), no one wanted to break
their hearts or singing dreams. No one wanted to tell these screeching
soloists that they were not quality singers, and so, their inflated
self-image became a byproduct of polite-subsidization. Now, once
in competition, these inferior singers quickly realize their lack
of talent, courtesy of those who stand to lose from such inflated
promises. Very few would disagree with this example, yet, carry
this analogy to other markets of employment and you will find more
ridiculous polite-subsidization. Only, the culprits won't be smiling
mothers or Paula Abdul's, it will be inferior employees begging
for more charity, or inferior employers squawking for a helping

Taxation of Income

According to
"We could eliminate the income tax, replace it
with nothing, and still fund the same level of big government we
had in the late 1990s." Yet, an even deeper question involves
defining a public sector? Aside from the various assembles of inefficient
services offered to the public, in reality, a swollen public sector
is by definition a sunken private sector, for, the public sector
is but a parasite feeding upon its citizens' labor. How can one
define wasting resources to collect resources in order to redistribute
resources a proper path toward prosperity?

Alas, in spite
of all these welfare cures we now know about, individuals of little
welfare will likely burrow at the troughs of our leadership so as
to continue in squander.

8, 2009

Dyke [send him mail]
is a math teacher who hails free markets and freedom of choice.

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