12 Most Frequently Recommended Herbal Remedies

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There are
many reasons that people have turned to herbal and homeopathic remedies
over the years. Whether it is because they cannot afford medical
insurance – or if they can, the copayments and prescription costs
are too high – or they’ve grown to distrust traditional
Western medicine through the years, or simply that they wish to
use the healthiest and most natural ways to care for themselves,
the masses are looking to treat their common ailments with herbs.

More and more
studies are being dedicated to the effectiveness of herbs, and though
some ailments are too severe or complicated to be treated without
the consultation of a doctor or hospital, many people choose to
try herbal remedies first in order to be economical and healthy.

According to
the medical director of the integrative medicine program at Cesars-Sinai
Medical Center in Los Angeles, herbs are not generally a replacement
for pharmaceuticals, but “the research shows that – for
many conditions – herbs work well, are cheaper than drugs and
cause fewer side effects.” Thus, she added, “Patients
are interested in them, and doctors are increasingly familiar with
herb research.”

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While it is
recommended that doctors be consulted before integrating herbal
remedies into a daily regimen or treating a condition, most herbs
are self-explanatory, as they give dosage instructions and recommended
length of ingestion on the labels. Most importantly, when taking
herbs, pay special attention to the body and any signs it gives
that a particular treatment is not working; if the body rejects
the option, it might be time to try another alternative, even if
it is along the Western medicine route.

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The top herbal
remedy and one of the most well-known in modern society is the use
of aloe vera for burns, whether the minor burns occur as a result
of sun exposure or a kitchen accident. The actual aloe vera leaf
is the most effective, rather than store-bought products, and the
potted plant is simple to maintain with water. The gel from the
inside of the leaf eases the pain of the burn and expedites healing.
Other very well-known remedies are cranberry juice for bladder infections,
and echinacea is a commonly used remedy to prevent and reduce symptoms
of colds and the flu.

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24, 2009

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