R. J. Rushdoony: A Working Model of Productivity

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At the beginning of each year, Rushdoony published a note at the end of his January newsletter on what he had done the previous year. This was so that donors would know their money had not been wasted. He listed the number of books he had read. By "read," he meant: underlined, with a personal index of key ideas and pages at the back of each book.

(What would you pay for a series of CD-ROMs with PDFs of all of the public domain books he ever read, with his notes and underlines, with the books organized into categories? A dollar a book? His son Mark owns all of his books; he could produce these at 30 cents per scanned page. www.Chalcedon.edu)

This is the note for January 1, 1966.

Total number of speaking engagements, locally and across country: 266
Books read in full in course of research: 145
Letters written, exclusive of Newsletters: 1,265

Writing records:

Radio talks, October — December, KBBI, KPPC: 11
California Farmer columns: 14
News and Views issues: 2
Articles in Christian Economics: 6
Article in American Opinion: 1
Leaflets for Coast Federal Savings: 4
Filmstrips, texts written for Jotham Production: 3
Chapters in T.R. Ingram Creationist Symposium: 2
Chapter contributed to symposium on Gordon Haddon Clark: 1
Newsletters: 12
Other reviews and articles: 4

In preparation of the future:

Chapter in Your Church — Their Target
Forewords to two books
The Dallas County Committee for the Support of Local Police, published as a pamphlet the appendix to my book, published in 1965, Nature of the American System, on "Localism and the Police Power"

That was an off year, because he had moved to Southern California. More representative was his output in 1967, listed in Newsletter 29.

Total number of speaking engagements: 251
Letters written, exclusive of newsletter mailings: 1411
Books read in full, exclusive of extensive reading and study in various works: 223


Radio talks: 23 (Radio series was used in Los Angeles, and is now in use in South Carolina and northern California.)
California Farmer columns: 17
Mythology of Science, book. Mostly written in previous years; two chapters written in 1967; published in September, 1967
Foundations of Social Order, The Creeds and Councils of the Early Church. Written in 1967, in the hands of printer for 1968 publication
The Biblical Philosophy of History. Completed in 1967; to be typed and sent in to publisher, 1968
Filmstrip text: "Foundations of Social Order."
Review article for November, 1967, Westminster Theological Journal.
Article on John Witherspoon for Christian Economics, to be published in 1968
Introduction for Gary North’s book: Marx’s Religion of Revolution, to be published in 1968.

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