Want Lower Cholesterol? Here Are 10 Natural Ways to Do It

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Lowering your cholesterol and avoiding high blood pressure is an
important part of a healthy lifestyle. Most people discover their
LDL cholesterol (Low Density Lipoprotein) to HDL cholesterol (High
Density Lipoprotein) ratios when applying for health insurance or
medical insurance. But lowering your cholesterol with a prescription
from your doctor is not always the best way. Try the below natural
methods for lowering your cholesterol and living a healthier lifestyle.

1. Regular
– With regular exercise you can help your body
to reduce stress, lose weight, increase metabolism, burn more calories,
and more. Steady and regular exercise has been found to help lower
cholesterol and reduce triglyceride levels. With regular exercise
you can lower your body mass index and achieve a healthy weight.
This helps you to reduce your risk for heart disease and diabetes.

2. Cut Out
Trans Fats
– Trans fats are found mostly in fried foods,
pastries, cookies, and other similar foods. Avoiding these types
of foods limits your calories, fat intake, and helps lower your
cholesterol. The American Heart Association`s Nutrition Committee
recommends limiting trans fat to one percent of your daily calorie

3. Remove
Stress From Your Life
– Stress and anxiety cause chemicals
to be released into your body, raise your blood pressure, and reduce
blood flow to your heart. Avoid stressful situations and use techniques
such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, and other similar
techniques. This helps your body to deal with stress and minimize
the effects on your body.

4. Lose
– Being Overweight changes your metabolism and the
way your body deals with fat and cholesterol. Losing weight in a
slow and steady manner improves your health and lowers your cholesterol.
Natural dieting results in consistent weight loss and reduces your
risk of diabetes and high blood pressure.

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12, 2009

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