Heal Yourself Nutritionally

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“natural health” is sometimes confusing because our society
likes things fixed with a single pill. A natural approach to health
focuses on underlying causes. In other words, a naturopath would
not recommend aspirin for a headache, but would try to determine
if the headache resulted from mineral deficiencies, food sensitivities,
blood sugar imbalances or stress and would make recommendations
to restore balance to the person so that the headaches did not occur.

On simple problems,
it is easy to see the links between the underlying cause and the
problem; however, on more chronic, complex problems such as arthritis
and heart disease, it is much more difficult because there is not
just one underlying cause.

Generally the
key to the underlying cause is nutrition. Besides air and water,
food is the substance most frequently put into our bodies. Because
of this, it has a great capacity to affect our health both positively
and negatively.

Most major
health issues have proven links to diet. Many of our modern diseases
did not exist prior to the industrial age when our food supply began
to be processed and refined. The most common health problems in
America have their origins in diet. These include high blood pressure,
diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, attention deficit disorder and

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22, 2009

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