Central Bankers, or Central Criminals?

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Faber: Central Banks Blowing New Bubble

by Julie Crawshaw by Marc Faber Recently by Marc Faber: The Frame of Mind of American Economic Policymakers

Investing guru and publisher of the Gloom, Boom and Doom Report Marc Faber remains a bear, predicting a stronger dollar, tightening in global liquidity and another correction in asset prices.

When the S&P bottomed in March, the dollar was weak, notes Faber, who expects the next few months will be a period of dollar recovery and “a correction time in asset markets” as the dollar strengthens.

“The strong dollar means global liquidity tightening,” Faber told CNBC.

“In a scenario where growth will be disappointing, I think emerging markets will be kind of vulnerable.”

The worse the global economy, the more stocks could go up, Faber says, because the world’s central bankers have become nothing more than money printers.

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Dr. Marc Faber [send him mail] lives in Chiangmai, Thailand and is the author of Tomorrow’s Gold.

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