Hypocrisy, Hyperbole, and the Death of the Democratic Party

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care is complex," wrote House No. 1 and No. 2 Nancy Pelosi
and Steny Hoyer in an op-ed
piece in today’s USA Today
. "It touches every
American life. It drives our economy. People must be allowed to
learn the facts."

The people,
Madame Speaker, already know the facts. Unlike the members of your
Congress, the American people have read the bill, and know the ramifications.
Unlike the members of your Congress, the American people understand
the natural force which is the free market, and they know what will
happen – that, while public and private options for health
insurance may exist temporarily, private insurers will never be
able to compete with a federal government that prints its own money
and sets its own rules; that costs will go up for private insurance,
and employers from coast to coast will soon find it more cost-effective
to pay a fee and deny private insurance for employees, forcing them
to enroll in the public option.

This unwanted,
unnecessary reform will be the slow death of private sector health
care. It will pull the plug on American ingenuity. It will systematically
numb the quality of care. And it was designed this way. And we all
know it.

The people,
Nancy, have read your thousand-page health care bill. And because
health care is so complex, because health care touches every American
life, when their elected representatives reluctantly return to their
district for recess and town hall meetings, the people have questions.
About the facts. And when those questions are answered with the
same collection of lies, misrepresentations and misdirection peddled
each and every day from Capitol Hill – not to mention in your
USA Today commentary – they understandably get louder.
And when rooms are stocked with burly and intimidating union supporters,
and when doors are closed to the public, they understandably get
frustrated, and understandably get angry.

See, Congress
hasn’t much had the American people in mind recently. You’ve
thrown the nation into debt which we will not be capable of bearing
for long. You’ve abandoned all promises of transparency and
bipartisanship, taking steps to shut down, shut out and shut up
any and all opposition and dissent from Republican Party officials
and individual Americans alike, whether the issue be so-called economic
stimulus, or the global transfer of wealth, destruction of the economy
and death of American exceptionalism disguised not-so-cleverly as
energy and environmental legislation. You don’t listen. So
we shout. And you don’t like it.

where you get the idea that we’re "[d]rowning out opposing
views." The problem, however, is that it is the American people
who are gasping for breath, who are begging to be heard, who are
clamoring for a chance to ensure that our children and our children’s
children are not worn raw from the bondage of debt.

And you dare
call us un-American?

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14, 2009

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