Obesity Breakthrough? Citrus Fruit Flavonoids May Help in Weight and Fat Loss

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are compounds found in fruits, vegetables, and certain beverages
(including tea, coffee, fruit juices and wine) that have aroused
scientific interest in recent years because they seem to benefit
the human body in a host of ways – from fighting viruses to preventing
inflammation and infections. Research has found certain flavonoids
have anti-tumor and anti-stroke properties, too. Now weight control
can be added to the list of remarkable ways flavonoids can help
promote good health
naturally. A new study just published in the journal Diabetes concludes
a citrus fruit flavonoid can cause the liver to burn fat and control

A team of scientists
headed by Murray Huff of the Robarts Research Institute at the University
of Western Ontario, investigated a citrus fruit flavonoid called
naringenin. They fed one group of mice a typical Western style high-fat
diet in order to induce the symptoms of metabolic
e. Metabolic syndrome, a frequent precursor to diabetes,
is defined by a cluster of physical signs such as abdominal fat,
high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels
and insulin
. Then another matched group of mice ate the same
diet with the addition of naringenin.

The results?
Naringenin brought down the high triglyceride and cholesterol levels
to normal and prevented the development of insulin
resistance. In fact, the flavonoid totally normalized glucose
metabolism. "These studies show naringenin, through its
insulin-like properties, corrects many of the metabolic disturbances
linked to insulin resistance and represents a promising therapeutic
approach for metabolic syndrome," Huff said in a statement
to the media.

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27, 2009

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