Ron Paul Stands Up to Goliath

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by Ron Paul: Celebrating
the Fight for Freedom on theFourth

As you know,
Congressman Ron Paul of Texas is one of my heroes, a real-life American
Patriot in a world of sleezy, self-serving, amoral politicians.

For years,
he has stated exactly what I have been saying, that the country
is being destroyed by loose monetary policy (i.e. printing money)
by the Federal Reserve, not to mention equally loose fiscal policy
by Congress, which appears motivated by one thing and one thing
only; the lobbying funds of WALL STREET (what funds are left, mostly
because Congress just GAVE them out to those insolvent institutions
courtesy of the taxpayers).

Paul has introduced a bill to have the Federal Reserve, the most
secretive group of slime in the world, audited. By the way, the
Fed is NOT a government institution, but a privately-owned bank
by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc., charged with monetary policy.
The Fed was created during a special Christmas session of Congress
back in 1913, where very few members even showed up to vote, and
has since debased the currency by more than 95% (and counting) while
generating wild profits for the banks that own it.

Actually, the
Constitution prohibits such an institution, stating that only the
government should print money. But then again, when was the last
time the Constitution was heeded? Or better yet, the last time the
people showed even the slightest interest in its destruction?

Remember when
Bush was allowed to bomb Iraq without a Congressional vote? Yes,
that was a blatant disavowal of the Constitution as well, and look
how that turned out. How about Obama taking over the auto industry
and unilaterally imposing sanction and terms on the union members,
bondholders, etc.? Or Paulson arbitrarily deciding that the major
banks (which nearly single-handedly destroyed the economy) needed
printed taxpayer money to “save” them?

The Constitution
was created by a group of men trying to account for all of history’s
most destructive government practices, which time and again have
been repeated (such as hyperinflation) by greedy, destructive politicians
at the expense of the people. In other words, it was a direct attempt
to prevent such things from occurring in the newly formed America.
But alas, in just over 200 years, we have nearly completely repudiated
its aims (mostly in the past decade), and not coincidentally the
country is far along the road to ruin.

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10, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Best of Ron Paul

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