Surviving an Economic Collapse A Simple Plan for Your Family, Home, Money, More

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this forecast holds true, and a major portion of our states file
, there will be widespread panic, our state-funded
services and programs will be closed down immediately, and confusion
amongst political leadership and the citizenry.

Not long after
the states file bankruptcy, we could see martial law declared by
the President of the United States, as a means to bring order and
peace. Those who are not willing to comply with the mandates of
the martial law will be hauled off to FEMA camps and military bases
throughout the United States.

How can
you prepare for this economic collapse now?


  • Begin stocking
    up your cabinets, pantries, and closets with non-perishable food
  • Purchase
    a portable camping stove in case your home’s electricity
    is shut off.

  • Start consuming
    a healthier diet so your body isn’t dependent on the processed
    and junk foods we’ve grown accustom to.
  • If your
    have the space in your yard, plant and grow a garden.
  • Stock up
    on vitamins and necessary supplements to ensure you stay healthy
    in the next Great Depression.


  • Discuss
    emergency plans with your family, roommates, friends, and/or loved
  • Store a
    stockpile of hygiene items including deodorant, toothpaste, towels,
    washcloths, and toilet paper.

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23, 2009

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