Open Letter to Congressman Eric Cantor – Eliminate the Fed

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Dear Representative
Eric Cantor,

I'd like to
thank you for the invitation you recently sent me for the upcoming
you will be hosting. It's good to see
that instead of simply giving someone a job — you'd rather have
them learn how to obtain one by themselves. However, since the invitation
was sent out from your official email address on Capital Hill and
is being held in a public school, I'm having a hard time believing
that you are the person who will actually be providing the funding
for this event. It will actually be the taxpayer who has the honor
of funding it and you will just get the credit for doing something
for Virginians in this economy. So, in reality, this is just another
transfer of wealth program though it is done in a way that dupes
most conservatives into supporting.

Also, I question
which section of the Constitution authorizes congress to hold job
fairs. It must be that special section that also allows for $700
billion bank bailouts and other
"emergency" funding
that you have
supported in the past year. But who in Washington DC really looks
to the Constitution these days anyway? There is that Ron Paul guy,
but he's a little out there since he really does stick to the Constitution
— even when it is a little "archaic," like expecting congress
to declare war.

Now, if you
really do want to "establish long-term solutions that will
put Virginia businesses and Virginia workers back on the path to
financial stability," like your invitation stated, I have the
perfect solution for you. Not only will this truly help America's
economy to become prosperous once again, it also is Constitutional
and so you will not have to compromise, yet again, on your conservative
values. Here's the answer: eliminate the Federal Reserve.

Now, I know
you have already signed on as a co-sponsor to HR1207 and for this
I truly am grateful. Maybe all my emails and phone calls to your
office really do make a difference. I do wonder why a conservative
such as yourself was one of the last Republicans to co-sponsor this
bill but I am sure it is because you were too busy reading all the
other bills which have come before Congress.

HR1207 is a
great start because an audit of the Fed will expose Americans to
the workings of the institution that plays such a key role in the
government today. Also, having worked for financial intuitions for
quite a while now, I know how intense the audits can be from the
regulators. In a government of "We the People," it only
makes sense that "we" finally audit the auditors. But,
again HR1207 is only a start. When Fed officials audit financial
institutions, they are not just reviewing the books for their own
edification but actually do this in order to provide "recommendations"
to these organizations. Similarly, when an audit of the Federal
Reserve is done, a "recommendation" should also follow.
That must be the reason why the Fed has hired lobbyists to stop
this bill.





The Fed cannot
be tinkered with or fixed; complete elimination of a central bank
is the only option that will truly put America's economy back on
track. Notwithstanding the stated purpose
of the Fed, the most intense economic fluctuations that America
has ever suffered have come after it was created. If these
severe depressions and recessions are not cause enough for its elimination,
there is also the fact that since 1913 — the year the Fed was created
— the dollar has been subjected to a 95.5% tax
(a dollar today can only buy what $0.045 bought in 1913). Yes, 1913
was a long time ago but since 1973 the dollar has lost 80% of its
value due to the inflation caused by the Federal Reserve. Since
the board of the Federal Reserve is an unelected position, this
truly is "taxation without representation." Even Ben Bernanke,
the current Chairman of the Federal Reserve, has admitted that "inflation
is a tax

I am willing
to concede that you may not understand how the Federal Reserve wreaks
so much havoc on our economy and so I invite you to pre-order Ron
Paul's forthcoming book, End
the Fed
. If you cannot wait two months
to read this, I would also invite you to read Meltdown
by Tom Woods as he does an excellent job explaining in simple terms
how the Federal Reserve holds the most responsibility for this current
economic crisis. Just a few months ago I read Whatever
Happened to Penny Candy
to my eight-year-old
son and now even he can tell you the evils of a central bank, the
cause of business cycles, and why prices continue to increase year
after year. So, this is a concept that should be easily understood
by everybody, including congressmen.

I urge you
to use your WHIP status to make sure HR1207 makes it to the House
floor for a vote as well as work with Ron Paul in his other efforts
to eliminate the Fed.

In liberty,
Jeremy Ashton

20, 2009

Jeremy Ashton
[send him mail] is
a County Coordinator for the Campaign for Liberty in Virginia. He
is the editor at LDS Freeman
and also co-hosts the podcast LDS Liberty.

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