Another Global Warming Denier The Australian Geologist Who's Exposed the Hoax

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James Delingpole talks to Professor Ian Plimer, the Australian
geologist, whose new book shows that ‘anthropogenic global
warming’ is a dangerous, ruinously expensive fiction, a ‘first-world
luxury’ with no basis in scientific fact. Shame on the publishers
who rejected the book.

Imagine how wonderful the world would be if man-made global warming
were just a figment of Al Gore’s imagination. No more ugly
wind farms to darken our sunlit uplands. No more whopping electricity
bills, artificially inflated by EU-imposed carbon taxes. No longer
any need to treat each warm, sunny day as though it were some terrible
harbinger of ecological doom. And definitely no need for the $7.4
trillion cap and trade (carbon-trading) bill – the largest
tax in American history – which President Obama and his cohorts
are so assiduously trying to impose on the US economy.

Imagine no more, for your fairy godmother is here. His name is
Ian Plimer, Professor of Mining Geology at Adelaide University,
and he has recently published the landmark book Heaven And Earth,
which is going to change forever the way we think about climate

‘The hypothesis that human activity can create global warming
is extraordinary because it is contrary to validated knowledge from
solar physics, astronomy, history, archaeology and geology,’
says Plimer, and while his thesis is not new, you’re unlikely
to have heard it expressed with quite such vigour, certitude or
wide-ranging scientific authority. Where fellow sceptics like Bjrn
Lomborg or Lord Lawson of Blaby are prepared cautiously to endorse
the International Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) more modest
predictions, Plimer will cede no ground whatsoever. Anthropogenic
global warming (AGW) theory, he argues, is the biggest, most dangerous
and ruinously expensive con trick in history.

To find out why, let’s meet the good professor. He’s
a tanned, rugged, white-haired sixtysomething – courteous and
jolly but combative when he needs to be – glowing with the
health of a man who spends half his life on field expeditions to
Iran, Turkey and his beloved Outback. And he’s sitting in my
garden drinking tea on exactly the kind of day the likes of the
Guardian’s George Monbiot would probably like to ban. A lovely
warm sunny one.

So go on then, Prof. What makes you sure that you’re right
and all those scientists out there saying the opposite are wrong?
‘I’m a geologist. We geologists have always recognised
that climate changes over time. Where we differ from a lot of people
pushing AGW is in our understanding of scale. They’re only
interested in the last 150 years. Our time frame is 4,567 million
years. So what they’re doing is the equivalent of trying to
extrapolate the plot of Casablanca from one tiny bit of the love
scene. And you can’t. It doesn’t work.’

What Heaven And Earth sets out to do is restore a sense of scientific
perspective to a debate which has been hijacked by ‘politicians,
environmental activists and opportunists’. It points out, for
example, that polar ice has been present on earth for less than
20 per cent of geological time; that extinctions of life are normal;
that climate changes are cyclical and random; that the CO2 in the
atmosphere – to which human activity contributes the tiniest
fraction – is only 0.001 per cent of the total CO2 held in
the oceans, surface rocks, air, soils and life; that CO2 is not
a pollutant but a plant food; that the earth’s warmer periods
– such as when the Romans grew grapes and citrus trees as far
north as Hadrian’s Wall – were times of wealth and plenty.

All this is scientific fact – which is more than you can say
for any of the computer models turning out doomsday scenarios about
inexorably rising temperatures, sinking islands and collapsing ice
shelves. Plimer doesn’t trust them because they seem to have
little if any basis in observed reality.

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14, 2009

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