Oh No!

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It was a nightmare.

Like you, I
read LRC every morning, but in my bad dream I turned on my computer
only to find a 404 page-not-found error. LewRockwell.com was no
longer on the air.

I immediately
wondered: what the heck is going to happen to all of us who depend
on LRC? One lady said it kept her out of a padded room. A college
student wrote that this site helped him refute liberal professors.
A businessman said it taught him all he needed to know about the
nature of government.

As for me,
well, I feel like I have a virtual degree in Murray Rothbard studies.

Of course,
if insults and smears were physical blows, Lew Rockwell would be
in a body cast. But you know what? He'd still be hobbling along,
smiting the enemy, unstoppable.

Thank goodness
he's that way, for all our sakes. Thank goodness the neocons and
all the other statists don't faze him. Thank goodness he finds joy
in the battle. And thank goodness he's a great editor. There is
a reason that LRC is the best-read libertarian site in the world,
and ranked 11 of the 100 most important political sites in America.

as one young lady wrote, "LewRockwell.com rocks." Of course,
politicians don't like it. Except Ron Paul, who calls LRC his "favorite
site in the whole world, and the first one I read every morning."

The old media
can't stand LRC. Where, they want to know, as Hillary put it, are
the regime's "gatekeepers"? They are locked out of LRC.
That's why lovers of government coercion – neo, fasco, Marxo,
and all the rest – despise LRC (while secretly reading it,
of course).

Their animus
is a medal on Lew's chest. But medals won't pay the bills, and if
the LRC bank account were a gasoline gauge, the needle would be
nearing the big E.

So far there
is no "404" notice, and may there never be! But there
is some good news that slightly worries me. With few resources,
Lew wants to expand LRC. He wants to make it more like a daily libertarian
newspaper for the 21st century, covering culture and
sports as well as economics, history, politics, and everything.

First, however,
Lew wants to add comments to the blogs and articles, which readers
have been clamoring for. But it's expensive if done right. We have
to make sure that our anti-spam software is the best, since spam
can knock a site off the air by itself. And we must have moderators
to make sure that the comments are civil and intelligent. Why? Because
Lew is a lightning rod.

a guy dedicated to social cooperation and international peace, to
freedom and non-violence, to private property and sound money, to
our libertarian heritage and our great heroes, Lew sure has a lot
of opponents. There are the freedom haters. But the regime pays
well, in fact and in prospect. Others will offer their souls to
the state because it seems cool, and so uncool to be a dissident
in fascist times.

But there are
many of us who love this site, and who think it's essential to the
cause of liberty, here and all around the world, and we love liberty.
Not only must LRC survive in that cause, it must thrive. My dream:
to see it challenge the very top sites in news and opinion. It is

But first LRC
must survive. Please help me make sure it does. Help me make sure
that LRC grows and influences many, many thousands more for freedom.
Make a generous donation
to LRC. Go here to

me keep LRC going and growing.
There must be no popping of champagne
corks on Capitol Hill or in any other place where "the gang
of thieves writ large," as Murray put it, meets to rip us off.

me keep the LRC dream alive.

6, 2009

is the actor and wrestler Kane.
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Best of Glenn Jacobs

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