Dog Licensing Is An Outrage Your Pet Belongs to You, Not the Government

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The erosion
of our freedom to own dogs, pets and animals, rings true of the
current political climate in the USA Today. We the People
who own dogs, cats, pets and animals are especially struck by the
public’s statements concerning agreement or apathy towards
all the various government licensing to include that of our pets
and animals.

of Licensing and the Misconceptions:

Most people
seem to believe that a dog or pet license is a freedom, when in
true fact, it is a taking.

A license is
a temporary, revocable permit issued by government that allows the
holder to have something or to do something that is otherwise illegal.
For example, in the USA the licensing of firearms has virtually
removed our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Any time a
license is issued, a freedom is jeopardized. By the very act of
licensing dogs, the act of owning or even possessing a dog has been
made illegal.

are traditional property, now legally having “Intrinsic Value:”

Animals are
human-kind’s most ancient and traditional property. Before ever
we settled down to a plot of land and threw seeds in the soil, we
numbered animals as our most valuable possessions. Wealth has always
been associated with the number of animals that a person owned,
and kept.

Now animal
ownership, use, and the ancient, honorable practice of animal husbandry
are under global attack by dog laws, animal ID laws globally. It
was initiated by the animal "rights" movement, and adapted
by local, state, and federal governments throughout the world.

A Dog’s
life has ‘intrinsic value,’ New York judge finds:

Finding that
a dog "is somewhere between a person and personal property,"
a New York trial court said a pet owner whose dog died following
unauthorized surgery may seek damages beyond the purchase price
of the animal. "[A dog] is not an inanimate thing that just
receives affection; it also returns it," the court wrote, citing
Corso v. Crawford, 97 Misc. 2d 530 (N.Y., Queens County Civ. Ct.

Doing Away
with Dog Ownership:

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17, 2009

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