Yet Another Reason To Secede The Feds' Draconian Animal ID System

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Opponents of
USDA’s National Animal Identification System far outnumbered
supporters at the eight animal ID listening sessions held so far.
It turns out that’s not by accident.

Farm and Ranch
Freedom Alliance Executive Director, Judith McGeary, confirms her
group is working with the National Family Farm Coalition and other
small farm advocacy groups to encourage anti-NAIS turnout at the
listening sessions, and she is pleased with the results thus far.
“The simple fact is that small farmers, people who own a few
animals, consumers, we are the majority by a huge percentage, in
terms of number of people. And we’ve been loud enough and strong
enough that USDA has agreed that it needs to, at the very least,
give the appearance of paying attention to those concerns.”

McGeary spoke
on the Austin stop of the national listening tour and submitted
about 2,000 pages of petition signatures in opposition to NAIS in
either a voluntary or mandatory form. In addition to farmers and
consumers, anti-government and anti-globalization activists are
showing up at the meetings too.

Irene Lin,
National Family Farm Coalition Policy Analyst, says, “Some
of our folks do work with some of these people who concerns from
a property rights angle, or the religious angle. So they are working
together where they can. Our opposition to the animal ID program
is a little different than theirs, but we welcome any sort of coalition
to try to stop it.”

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2, 2009

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