45 Famous Last Meals

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your last day on Earth… What are you eating? Bacon? A Cinnabon?
deep fried peanut butter and banana sandwich?
I’m not sure
exactly what I’d want, but here are 29 real last meals and
16 more from movies, television, and books to make 45 famous last

  1. Adolf
    : He declined a special meal, preferring a bottle
    of Carmel, a dry red Israeli wine. He drank about half of it.

  2. Aileen
    : She declined a special meal, but had a hamburger
    and other snack food from the prison’s canteen. Later,
    she drank a cup of coffee.

  3. Allen
    Lee Davis
    : 350-pound “Tiny” Davis had the following
    last meal: one lobster tail, fried potatoes, a half-pound of
    fried shrimp, six ounces of fried clams, half a loaf of garlic
    bread, and 32 ounces of A&W root beer.

  4. Ángel
    Nieves Díaz
    : He declined a special meal. He was then
    served the regular prison meal for that day, but he declined
    that as well.

  5. Bruno
    Richard Hauptmann
    : Celery, olives, chicken, French fries,
    buttered peas, cherries, and a slice of cake.

  6. Dennis
    Wayne Bagwell
    : Medium rare steak with A1 Steak Sauce, fried
    chicken breasts and thighs, BBQ ribs, French fries, onion rings,
    bacon, scrambled eggs with onions, fried potatoes with onions,
    sliced tomatoes, salad with ranch dressing, two hamburgers, peach
    pie, milk, coffee, and iced tea with real sugar.
  1. Desmond
    Keith Carter
    : He declined a special meal, but had two cheeseburgers,
    a steak sub, and two Cokes from the prison canteen, for which
    he paid $4.20 from his prison account.

  2. Dobie
    Gillis Williams
    : Twelve candy bars and some ice cream.

  3. Edward
    : A Greek salad, linguini with white clam sauce,
    cheese cake with cherry topping, garlic bread, and a Coke.

  4. Gary
    : A hamburger, hard-boiled eggs, a baked potato,
    a few cups of coffee, and three shots of whiskey.

  5. Gary
    M. Heidnik
    : Two slices of a cheese pizza and two cups of
    black coffee.

  6. Henry
    Martinez Porter
    : Flour tortillas, T-bone steak, refried
    beans, tossed salad, jalapeño peppers, ice cream, and
    chocolate cake.

  7. James
    Edward Smith
    A lump of dirt, denied. Settled for a small cup of yogurt.

  8. John
    Wayne Gacy
    : A dozen deep-fried shrimps, a bucket of original
    recipe chicken from KFC, French fries, and a pound of strawberries.
  1. Karl
    Eugene Chamberlain
    A variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, lunch meat,
    deviled eggs, six fried cheese-stuffed jalapenos, a chef salad
    with ranch dressing, onion rings, french fries, a cheeseburger,
    two fried chicken breasts, barbecue pork rolls, an omelet, milk
    and orange juice.

  2. Karla
    Faye Tucker
    : Banana, peach, and garden salad with ranch

  3. Mark
    Dean Schwab
    : fried eggs, bacon, sausage links, hash browns,
    buttered toast and a quart of chocolate milk.

  4. Perry
    Smith and Richard Hickock
    : Shrimp, French fries, garlic
    bread, ice cream, and strawberries with whipped cream.

  5. Philip
    : He declined a special meal for himself, but he
    asked for a large vegetarian pizza to be given to a homeless
    person in Nashville, Tennessee. This request was denied.

  6. Rainey
    : Fried chicken, pork chops, mashed potatoes, pickled
    cucumbers, cornbread, lemon pie, and ice cream.

  7. Ringer
    : chicken and beer. Edwards escaped execution as a
    Japanese prisoner of war when his meal request could not be obtained.
  1. Robert
    Alton Harris
    : A 21-piece bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken,
    two large Domino’s pizzas (no anchovies), ice cream, a
    bag of jelly beans, a six-pack of Pepsi, and a pack of Camel

  2. Ted
    : He declined a special meal, so he was given the traditional
    steak (medium-rare), eggs (over-easy), hash browns, toast, milk,
    coffee, juice, butter, and jelly.

  3. Timothy
    : Two pints of mint chocolate-chip ice cream.

  4. Velma
    : She declined a special meal, having a bag of Cheez
    Doodles and a can of Coca-Cola instead.

  5. Victor
    A single olive with the pit still in it.

  6. Wesley
    : Breaded fish, pasta marinara, green beans, orange
    fruit punch, bread, and milk (Maryland execution: this was what
    was on the prison menu that day).

  7. William
    : Two pepperoni and sausage pizzas, three servings
    of chocolate ice cream, and fifteen cans of Coca-Cola.

  8. Saddam
    : Sources say he ate boiled chicken and rice, and
    drank hot water with honey the day before his execution. The
    Times (UK) states that “he refused their offers of
    cigarettes and a last meal of chicken.”

Fictional Last Meals

  1. David
    Gale in The Life of David Gale
    : Pancakes, strawberries,
    whipped cream, and chocolate shavings.

  2. Lincoln
    Burrows in Prison Break
    : Blueberry pancakes.

  3. John
    Coffey in The Green Mile
    : Cornbread, meat loaf, mashed
    potatoes with gravy, okra, and peach cobbler.

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17, 2009

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