No More Murderous Rip-Offs

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by Ron Paul: Global
Warming Petition Signed by 31,478 Scientists


on Conference Report of HR 2346, FY 2009 War Supplemental Appropriations

Mr. Speaker,
I rise in strong opposition to this conference report on the War
Supplemental Appropriations. I wonder what happened to all of my
colleagues who said they were opposed to the ongoing wars in Iraq
and Afghanistan. I wonder what happened to my colleagues who voted
with me as I opposed every war supplemental request under the previous
administration. It seems, with very few exceptions, they have changed
their position on the war now that the White House has changed hands.
I find this troubling. As I have said while opposing previous war
funding requests, a vote to fund the war is a vote in favor of the
war. Congress exercises its constitutional prerogatives through
the power of the purse.

This conference
report, being a Washington-style compromise, reflects one thing
Congress agrees on: spending money we do not have. So this “compromise”
bill spends 15 percent more than the president requested, which
is $9 billion more than in the original House bill and $14.6 billion
more than the original Senate version. Included in this final version
— in addition to the $106 billion to continue the wars in Afghanistan
and Iraq — is a $108 billion loan guarantee to the International
Monetary Fund, allowing that destructive organization to continue
spending taxpayer money to prop up corrupt elites and promote harmful
economic policies overseas.

As Americans
struggle through the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression,
this emergency supplemental appropriations bill sends billions of
dollars overseas as foreign aid. Included in this appropriation
is $660 million for Gaza, $555 million for Israel, $310 million
for Egypt, $300 million for Jordan, and $420 million for Mexico.
Some $889 million will be sent to the United Nations for “peacekeeping”
missions. Almost one billion dollars will be sent overseas to address
the global financial crisis outside our borders and nearly $8 billion
will be spent to address a “potential pandemic flu.”

Mr. Speaker,
I continue to believe that the best way to support our troops is
to bring them home from Iraq and Afghanistan. If one looks at the
original authorization for the use of force in Afghanistan, it is
clear that the ongoing and expanding nation-building mission there
has nothing to do with our goal of capturing and bringing to justice
those who attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Our
continued presence in Iraq and Afghanistan does not make us safer
at home, but in fact it undermines our national security. I urge
my colleagues to defeat this reckless conference report.

the Ron Paul File


17, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Best of Ron Paul

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