Leave Iran Alone!

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by Ron Paul: No
More Murderous Rip-Offs

before the US House of Representatives opposing resolution on Iran,
June 19, 2009

I rise in reluctant
opposition to H Res 560, which condemns the Iranian government for
its recent actions during the unrest in that country. While I never
condone violence, much less the violence that governments are only
too willing to mete out to their own citizens, I am always very
cautious about “condemning” the actions of governments
overseas. As an elected member of the United States House of Representatives,
I have always questioned our constitutional authority to sit in
judgment of the actions of foreign governments of which we are not
representatives. I have always hesitated when my colleagues rush
to pronounce final judgment on events thousands of miles away about
which we know very little. And we know very little beyond limited
press reports about what is happening in Iran.

Of course I do not support attempts by foreign governments to suppress
the democratic aspirations of their people, but when is the last
time we condemned Saudi Arabia or Egypt or the many other countries
where unlike in Iran there is no opportunity to exercise any substantial
vote on political leadership? It seems our criticism is selective
and applied when there are political points to be made. I have admired
President Obama’s cautious approach to the situation in Iran
and I would have preferred that we in the House had acted similarly.

I adhere to the foreign policy of our Founders, who advised that
we not interfere in the internal affairs of countries overseas.
I believe that is the best policy for the United States, for our
national security and for our prosperity. I urge my colleagues to
reject this and all similar meddling resolutions.

the Ron Paul File

20, 2009

Dr. Ron
Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Best of Ron Paul

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