The 10 Best Conspiracy Theories Not Quite, But Interesting

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theories have been around for generations but the internet has been
a catalyst for thousands of theories about the world we live in,
who is running it and why.

With the MPs
expenses scandal giving rise to an even closer examination of who
governs us and the lengths to which people will go to cover things
up, it’s no wonder that bloggers, tweeters and online chatrooms
are boiling over with conspiracy theories.

From alien
landing cover-ups to murder plots and tin foil hats, here are ten
historical conspiracy theories still advocated today.

1. Apollo
Moon Landing

The Apollo
11 Moon landing in 1969 was an elaborate hoax by the US government
in its bid to beat Russia in the race to the moon, according some
to conspiracy theorists. NASA footage of Neil Armstrong and Buzz
Aldrin’s sojourn on the Moon’s surface is bogus according to some
theorists, who claim glaring anomalies such as shadows going in
different directions and the US flag blowing in the wind show it
was faked. Click
here to read more.

the rest

2. 9/11
Pentagon conspiracy


3. Shakespeare
is “Sheik Zubair”

4. “Free
energy” suppression

5. The
Bermuda Triangle

6. New
World Order

7. Tin
foil hats

8. “Paul
is dead”

9. Princess
Diana’s death

10. The
Roswell cover up

5, 2009

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