The Medicine Man Said It Was a Natural Cancer Treatment Essiac

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Essiac is an
herbal recipe with an interesting history. It is a combination of
herbs that includes burdock root, slippery elm, sheep sorrel and
rhubarb root. This formula has been used clinically to treat cancer.

In the 1890’s,
the recipe was given to a Canadian nurse named Rene Caisse by a
patient who had gotten it from an Ojibwa medicine man. “Essiac”
is Caisse spelled backwards. Over the next eighty years, the formula
was used in various forms and various proportions in clinical settings
for treating cancer. There were great successes along with many
failures, but overall, the formula seemed to work.

Some of the
positive results from taking Essiac were: pain relief, increased
appetite, improved sleep, feeling of well-being, decreased depression,
increased life span and decreased nodular masses. When the treatment
worked, the doctors reported that the herbal tea seemed to identify
the toxins, break them down and cause them to be discharged.

Since Essiac
was used in clinical settings, it was used in conjunction with other
treatments of the day – particularly surgery. While in some
patients Essiac completely got rid of the cancer, in others it would
concentrate it into a single mass that was significantly easier
to remove with surgery.

Until 1978,
the true proportions to the formula were kept secret by Rene Caisse.
She worked with several well known hospitals and universities without
ever disclosing the exact formula. Many experiments were run on
the individual herbs in the formula – the combination always
worked better than any single herb. The form was also examined.
It was determined that a tea form was the best.

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1, 2009

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