The Importance of Fat It Protects Your Body

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Fat –
that horrible stuff that hangs in all the wrong places on your body.
I’m not even sure that there is a “right” place for
the stuff. Americans in general have been getting fat for some time
and it seems to have gotten worse lately. Why?

The function
of fat on the body is to protect us. We need it for padding, but
it also functions like a pocket or purse. Our bodies get overloaded
with the wrong kinds of food, with toxins from the chemicals that
are used to process our food and from environmental toxins such
as cleaning products, pesticides and synthetic fragrances.

When our body
is overloaded with “stuff” it can’t handle, it must
put it somewhere – so it stores it as fat. The body means to
come back and deal with the “stuff” later, but we feed
it more bad food and chemicals and so it never catches up, but continues
to stash the “stuff”.

Most people
with excess body fat are very toxic and tend to have congested or
sluggish livers. The liver is one of our major organs of detoxification.
When it gets overwhelmed, our metabolism gets slow, we gain more
weight and we have difficulty losing weight.

The good news
is that there are a couple of diets that deal with detoxifying the
body while stopping the onslaught of new “stuff”. These
can really melt that toxic fat right off your body.

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6, 2009

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