We Are All Terrorists Now!

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Once again
it is time for me to attest to the powers that be that I
have read and understand the mandatory 2009 Anti-Money Laundering
Training — 2nd Quarter. I have written in the past about
the invasions of privacy concerning finance and The USA Patriot
Act, anti-money laundering laws, and the nonsensical attestation
process, (here,
here and here)
and in those articles, I pointed out what invasive and tyrannical
government actions take place in the name of anti-money laundering
investigations. It is now getting even worse.

It is important
to note that the wrongful anti-money laundering (AML) legislation
and enforcement of same is rampant, and therefore destructive of
individual rights and free markets. Government and government agencies
will use every means at their disposal, and some that are not spoken
about, to harass, intimidate, prosecute or worse, anyone not in
full compliance with the very corrupt AML laws. In my position as
a registered principal and owner of an investment firm, the dynamics
are a little different. I am ordered to spy on clients and report
any "suspicious" behavior. This is not a voluntary agreement;
I am told to do so or else. What stands out here is that all "private"
financial transactions are captured, monitored and data-based, and
this is done without any consent from the client. In addition, since
lists designed to expose offenders worldwide are updated continuously,
invasions by government into private financial records are constantly
ongoing. This gives a whole new meaning to the term "watchdog"
and voids completely the Fourth Amendment! This is what happens
when the citizenry fears non-existent monsters from afar and allows
government to expand power to "protect" us from harm and
"defend" national security. The government spies, wiretaps,
monitors and captures financial records, creates massive data-bases,
and confiscates (steal) private property. Everyone is suspect and
everyone is to watch their neighbor. We are all terrorists now!

Let me preface
the balance of my remarks by saying that the most egregious money
launderer of them all is the United States Federal Government and
its minions in the Treasury and the Federal Reserve. This is why
I consider this mandatory anti-money laundering training so ridiculous.
If I were to expose the real criminals here, I would have to finger
the very entity that is in charge of prosecuting these same crimes.
How absurd! But isn't that how it normally works when dealing with

Actually, all
those who either take this training seriously or do as they are
told due to fear of prosecution, could be very dangerous to those
who trust them the most; their clients. All in our business are
put between a rock and a hard place concerning this subject, but
dissent is a must if one strives to protect his client's privacy.
I hope there are more than I think there are who will continue to
protect their clients from the real criminal: government. This is
a better option than working as a conscripted spy for this tyrannical

This quarter,
my anti-money laundering training is based on three so-called risks:
"Country Risk, Product Risk and Client Risk." This may
sound innocent enough, and many might even think that getting the
"bad guys" who launder money a noble cause. Nothing could
be further from the truth. You see, the government considers many
voluntary and harmless transactions as money laundering; a crime
punishable by fines, loss of property, and/or imprisonment. It considers
any transaction between two willing participants illegal if one
of the parties lives in the wrong country; this even if that person
is a perfectly legitimate and a model citizen. Due to anti-money
laundering laws, especially since 9/11, many private entities, private
businesses, charities, embassies, investment institutions and entire
countries are automatically scrutinized, spied upon, sanctioned
or worse, and without any cause. Many are prohibited from doing
business with any U.S. business or citizen. The government uses
these very vague "laws" to target and imprison those it
deems a threat to its unjustified power. Many are rotting in jail
due to trumped up or fabricated charges. Most of these charges are
akin to "obstruction of justice" or "conspiracy"
charges; charges that are purposely very vague in nature but that
allow the government to eliminate a "problem" or a competitor.
The government is the grand counterfeiter and wants no competition.
Government anti-money laundering law is simply a protectionist racket;
nothing more.

"country risk," several powerful U.S. entities, including
all the obvious culprits; the U. S. State Department, the Office
of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) – a part of the U.S. Department
of the Treasury, the Department of Homeland Security, among others,
are charged with watching everything we do. Every new account, all
third-party transactions and all stock receipts are compared to
master lists. Many trade sanction programs are in place; administered
and enforced by OFAC. These sanctions are many and telling; Anti-Terrorism
sanctions, Non-Proliferation sanctions, Special Designated Nationals
List (those we serfs are not allowed to do business with) Diamond
Mining and Narcotics sanctions, and of course Cuban sanctions. This
organization acts under Presidential national emergency powers,
as well as authority granted by specific legislation, to impose
controls on transactions and freeze assets under U.S. jurisdiction.
In other words, the president has a direct power to steal any private
property he sees fit; just as long as there is any mention of money
laundering. Legalized theft rears its ugly head once again!

The "product
Risk" section of this quarter's training mentions the risk
of everything from cash deposits to insurance products, but what
stands out the most is the warning about risk-free or guaranteed
investments. The main culprit: the "Ponzi" scheme. According
to my training documents, "A u2018Ponzi' scheme is a fraudulent
investment where the "rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul" principal
is put into play." Please hold your laughter because it gets
better. Red flags to be aware of include:

  • The guarantee
    of a return on investment touted as "risk-free"
  • The promise
    of unrealistically high returns
  • The investment
    is sold or pitched without a prospectus.
  • The person/entity
    offering the investment is not registered with a legitimate broker/dealer.
  • The person/entity
    offering the investment is hesitant to answer questions about
    where the returns come from or is unable or unwilling to provide
    credible answers about how the funds are to be invested. (I especially
    like this one)

Do Social Security,
Medicare, Prescription Drugs, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo,
AIG, Bear Sterns, Chrysler, General Motors, Fannie Mae and Freddie
Mac, the Federal Reserve and all other "Ponzi" schemes
and bailout "investments" instantly come to mind? This
list and explanation of red flags is nothing more than a self-indictment
of all that the government and Federal Reserve do every day. The
government itself, and in every capacity, is nothing more than one
giant "Ponzi" scheme.

To expose the
sheer size of the net of government and its ever-present regulatory
and enforcement arm, we only have to study the last component of
my mandatory quarterly AML training: Client Risk. Besides the extra
scrutiny and outright privacy invasions of all foreign clients,
foreign entities, foreign correspondent accounts and foreign financial
institutions, there are many other clients who present a high risk
according to the government. These include:

  • Personal
    Investment Companies
  • Personal
    Holding Companies
  • Charities,
    societies and social clubs
  • Import/Export
  • Casino/gambling
  • Telemarketers
  • Unauthorized
    or unregulated banks
  • Offshore
  • Privately
    owned banks
  • Embassies,
    missions and consulates
  • Politically
    Exposed Person (PEP)

Is anyone on
the planet left off this list of very suspicious money launderers
and terrorists? The only one missing was: Cowboys who own guns,
believe in secession, own investment firms and live on a defensible
property in Montana, but after this article, that one will probably
be included next quarter.

The United
States federal government and all its parasitic accomplices (with
one notable exception) are liars, thieves and plunderers, and are
not to be trusted under any circumstances. I realize that this might
be considered somewhat of a bold statement, but how can one argue
with facts? The Federal Reserve under the direction of government
creates money out of thin air, launders it at home and overseas,
spends the ill-gotten gains unconstitutionally and charges all the
costs plus interest to the American taxpayer and everyone else crazy
enough to loan it money. This stolen money is then used to gain
additional power, to pay off contributors, to destroy freedom, to
start and prosecute immoral wars, to imprison those who have harmed
no one and to prosecute all competition. The U. S. government lies
about what it is doing, steals from all of us and murders mostly
innocents all over the world in the name of the "War on Terror."
These are the real money launderers and criminals who should be
jailed. The rest of us should be left alone!

27, 2009

D. Barnett [send him mail]
is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc., in Lewistown,

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