Gods Come Cheap These Days

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When President
George W. Bush was first elected back in 2000, I well remember the
way Christian conservatives went gaga over him. They would deny
it, of course, but it was more than hero worship: they acted as
if he were a god. Life-size posters filled Christian bookstores.
Religious broadcasters and televangelists swooned over him like
16-year-old girls used to swoon over Elvis Presley. Pastors invoked
his name almost as a prayer. The Religious Right acted like they
had died and gone to Heaven. In the minds of Christian conservatives,
G.W. Bush could do no wrong. The result of all this sophomoric silliness
was that the Religious Right became blind, impotent lackeys to a
Big-Government, big-spending, Orwellian, and inept administration
– maybe one of the worst in U.S. history.

And all of
this was not lost to the political left. They called Christian conservatives
"dupes," "buffoons," "gullible," and
a whole lot more. But now it is the liberals’ turn to take a voyage
in the vehicle of villainous vulnerability.

First, there
was the major media’s "anointing" of President Barack
Obama. Yes, I use the word "anointing" on purpose. Make
no mistake about it: in the minds of the major media, Obama was
not inaugurated; he was canonized. No pope, king, or potentate of
history received the coronation that Barack Obama received. To the
liberals who dominate the news media and entertainment industry
in this country, Obama is not a President: he is a god.

For example,
did readers see the way NBC newsman, Brian Williams, bowed to his
majesty, Barack Obama? (If you missed it, see
it here.

Where are Keith
Olbermann’s eloquent rebukes of the Military Commissions Act (MCA),
the suspension of Habeas Corpus, and many other Big-Government intrusions
into the private lives of the American people that were first instituted
under George W. Bush and that now continue under Barack Obama? When
he wants to, Olbermann can be a very convincing, articulate defender
of constitutional liberties. However, it seems that Olbermann is
only interested in constitutional government when it is a Republican
trampling it. Since Obama became President, Olbermann has not only
muted his criticism against unconstitutional policies emanating
from the White House, he has joined the chorus of mindless worship
of the new President.

are Olbermann’s trenchant comments
on President Bush’s support
for the Military Commissions Act and denying Habeas Corpus –
something we will not see from Olbermann regarding the same policies
emanating from the Obama White House.)

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13, 2009

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