Survivalists Stock Up Ready for the Worst

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Hughes isn’t particularly worried about swine flu. If the Government
declares a pandemic, the 63-year-old truck driver will simply bunker
down with his wife, three teenage children and their 200 cans of

also got 250 kilograms of rice, 25 litres of olive oil and loads
of flour, plus toilet paper and toothpaste," Mr Hughes, who
lives in the Upper Hunter region, said. "It’s about a year’s
worth. And if I have to keep the kids at home, I will."

Like many survivalists,
Mr Hughes also has "an extensive supply" of over-the-counter
medicines: ibuprofen, aspirin, paracetamol, antiseptic creams –
everything except Tamiflu.

won’t work with swine fever. It only addresses the symptoms. What
you really got to do is keep to yourself and avoid crowded areas."

News of swine
fever has been manna from heaven for survivalists, with the outbreak
dominating websites both in Australia and overseas. The US website
Glock Talk urged visitors to monitor schools for outbreaks and to
“Be vigilant! Be prepared!”

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4, 2009

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