Top 10 Ways To Woo Your Lady Love #1, Be Unpredictable

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What is
it exactly that turns on a woman? Sex Guru Shiva gives you 10 tips
to crack the code; so stop chasing her and start attracting her.

Women love wondering what’s next. But most guys are painfully
predictable. Don’t ASK her where she wants to go for dinner.
Instead, TELL her see you at 8. If she’s curious, say “It’s
a surprise.” Take her to an unusual place. Even if it’s
a hole-in-the-wall dhaba, she’ll love it more than a fancy
eatery, simply because of the anticipation. The only predictable
thing about you should be unpredictability.


The longer you delay touching her, the weirder it gets later to
kiss her. Initiate touching early. Hug her when you meet; at least
shake hands. Do some thumbwrestling while having coffee. If you’re
going to a different venue, say “Let’s go!” and hold
her hand. Then, remark “Hope you’re not getting ideas,
just because we are holding hands”; roll your eyes and say


This one is routine sight in our malls. While the women are browsing
the clothing section, boyfriends often hang around like puppy dogs,
just waiting for them to get done. Not good for attraction! Walk
away, browse the men’s section, chat with people, do anything
that does not involve waiting for her. Let HER come and find you.


Many guys, while interacting with a woman, give her all their power.
While planning an evening out, he’ll ask her what she wants
to do. If she suggests a movie, he’ll give her a list of movies
to choose from and so on. Not good. Women like men who take decisions
and take the lead. Your tone should be something like this: “Hey
I’m going to see XYZ movie, at 8 tonight. Wanna tag along?”


Don’t compliment her about her eyes, beauty etc in the first
meeting itself. Instead, compliment her on something not so obvious.
“I like the way you’re so well co-ordinated” is much
better than “You’re so beautiful, are you a model?”
Or you could be playful about it and say, “You have nice eyes,
but you know what, mine are nicer.”


Once you’ve made your subtle yet cheeky moves, she may say
things like “I like you” or “you’re funny”.
Many guys drop the ball here and say “I like you too”.
Well, that diffuses all the tension. Instead, up the tension further.
Ask her if she’s flattering you just so you will go home with
her. Be cocky. A good rule-of-thumb is to say all the stuff that
women typically tell men.

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19, 2009

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