Join the Newest Rage: Save Money!

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since being a child I have encountered the concept of “save
for the future”. Then along came a concept called instant credit,
specifically credit cards.

This was a
counter-culture to the saving concept and encouraged spending. Spending
money makes us “feel better”. And if we feel better, we
spend even more. And if we use credit for the purchase we typically
spend 30% more than if we used cash.

Now that banks
are failing due to excessive lending, we see credit being tightened
and a new lifestyle emerging. The concept of saving has returned.

And herein
lays the trap. A day does not pass where I do not see articles on
how to save money. A booklet just reached my desk and the lead article
was “ideas for saving your family money”. But the approach
was all wrong. Inside was nothing but ideas for spending money but
a discount coupon was offered with each idea. That is not saving
money. You are still being enticed to buy things you do not need.

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2, 2009

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