Don't Lose Any Sleep Over It Insomnia

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Insomnia plagues
many of us. With some, it is chronic, with others it is a short
term. There are many causes. Among these are stress, indigestion,
mineral deficiency, hormone imbalance, too much caffeine, prescription
drugs, etc.

Restless leg
syndrome is a common form of insomnia. In many cases, it is caused
by a pH imbalance in the body and can be helped by supplementing
a balanced calcium/magnesium formula. Other cases may be deficiency
related and usually respond well to potassium, magnesium, or folic

Some of my
favorite remedies for insomnia are homeopathic. Homeopathics are
extremely dilute natural substances such as herbs or minerals that
don’t have negative side effects and do not interfere with
prescription medication. These tend to work well for short-term
sleeplessness such as travel, worrying about income taxes, or concern
over your mother’s surgery, etc. Another form of homeopathic
is known as flower remedies which are effective particularly in
small children that are afraid of the dark or have nightmares.

Many women
complain of insomnia around mid-life. A common problem is too much
estrogen in relation to progesterone. Natural progesterone is a
very calming hormone and many women find that insomnia along with
other hormonal related problems will disappear with the use of natural
progesterone cream.

Another favorite
for sleep is 5-HTP which is a natural substance that the body makes
from the amino acid tryptophan. It helps regulate serotonin levels.
It can be used for both mild depression and insomnia. Users tend
to report better energy in the day and better sleep at night. Note
that 5-HTP cannot be used by those on antidepressants.

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16, 2009

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