How To Go Vegetarian Here's a Simple Plan

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While going
meatless isn’t for everyone, it can improve your health. Here are
tips from nutritionists on making the transition:

Know why you’re
doing it. Having firm reasons for changing your diet – whether moral,
ethical, medical, environmental or otherwise – can keep you on track.

Set guidelines.
Many vegetarians decide to keep eating eggs and dairy, while others
opt to cut all animal products.

Tell family
and friends. They may not understand or approve, so be ready to
explain your reasons.

Don’t go cold
turkey. Two strategies are to eliminate one type of meat a week – red meat first, say, followed by chicken, pork and seafood – or
to swap in one vegetarian meal each week.

Have some recipes
ready. Buy a vegetarian cookbook or use an online source such as Try one new dish
a week to make the switch fun – not a form of deprivation.

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16, 2009

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