What's the NFL Draft All About?

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majority of these players come from the college game and the teams
take it in turns to select the men they want.

Interest in
the draft is incredibly high. In 1960 the draft took place in a
one-storey motel with only a handful of journalists present, but
it begins on Saturday at Radio City Music Hall in New York City
and is televised live across the world.

How does
the draft work?

Each of the
32 NFL teams gets one selection per round (there are seven rounds)
to select a player.

The teams are
placed in order of worst regular-season record last year to best
with the worst team selecting first. The team that won last year’s
Super Bowl selects last in each round.

This year,
the top pick goes to the Detroit Lions, who failed to win a single
game last season, while the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers
pick last.

Draft choices
may be exchanged for current players or for other draft picks, so
the order often changes.

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24, 2009

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