Ron Paul, Right About the Economy, Right About Freedom

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Last year at this time, a presidential campaign captured the interest
of many in the nation. Tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of voters
like me supported the candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul, a long-time Republican
congressman from Texas. Those of us who are interested in liberty
and personal independence put quite a bit of our hope for a better
tomorrow into his candidacy, and in my opinion, rightfully so. Dr.
Paul has a long-standing record of voting in a pro-liberty manner
on many of the important issues of our day. Many may have been disappointed
by the events that took place, but perhaps they should not be surprised.
Even though Dr. Paul did not become president, or even the Republican
presidential nominee, his campaign has opened the eyes of a great
many people and his message continues to reverberate in the American
consciousness, and indeed around the world. The freedom message
is powerful and popular worldwide, not just in America.

It became evident quite early on in Ron Paul´s campaign that
the establishment was not going to give in to him easily, no matter
his popularity. The establishment media did their best to marginalize
him and his supporters and minimize the impact he had on the political
discourse. They did their jobs well, as far as that went, and managed
to prevent huge numbers of common folk from discovering the only
candidate that could really be trusted to make a difference. But
since Ron Paul was a Republican, they couldn´t keep him out
of the debates like they do so many other worthy candidates with
a freedom message. Unfortunately, it may have been too little, too
late against an establishment that was simply too powerful.

Still, Ron Paul managed to awaken a multitude who may have otherwise
remained apathetic and feeling helpless against the rising tide
of political disenfranchisement that continues to pervade not just
the United States of America, but the entire world. Despite the
fact that he was given less time than other candidates at the debates,
despite the fact that he was asked more insignificant questions
having nothing to do with the main issues of the day than the other
candidates, despite the media´s efforts to make him and his
supporters look crazy and/or radical, he managed to deliver a liberty
message that resonated in the fibers of the American people. He
managed to deliver a message of smaller, more transparent government
that most freedom-loving individuals can agree with. Ron Paul´s
candidacy was a success in so many ways simply because the establishment
and their media cronies did not want the common folk exposed to
such ideas and they could do nothing to stop it. The idea of freedom
has always been dangerous to those in power.

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13, 2009

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