Why the End of America Is Closer Than You Think

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recently moved to Ecuador. Not for a vacation. Not for a month or
two. I moved to Ecuador for good, as a permanent resident. Upon
hearing my plans for living in South America, many people who knew
me in the States asked things like, "Well what about the stability
of Ecuador as a nation?" To which I would respond, "Oh,
you mean the stability of banks that don’t make loans and don’t
invest in derivatives? You mean the stability of a nation where
the population still has the courage to march in the streets and
throw corrupt officials out of its capitol?"

These questions
make Americans pause. Most tend to think of public demonstrations
as signs of a political instability. But in fact, public
demonstrations are a sign of a healthy Democratic process.
And Democracy is alive and well in Ecuador (with the usual level
of corruption you find in any democracy).

It is in America,
where the sheeple have been terrorized into staying inside the boundaries
of their little "protest zones," that you find a fragile,
unstable nation.

Through complacency
and fear-mongering, most Americans have become cowards when it comes
to political activism. They think emailing their Senator a few times
a year is all that’s required to defend freedom and preserve a nation.
Marching in the streets is seen as uncivilized… or even unpatriotic!
The government agrees with this, too, now
labeling anyone who protests in public a "potential terrorist"
and targeting them for FBI investigations

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15, 2009

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