Conspiracy Theorists Were Right All Along!

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As I opened
up an e-copy of the Washington Times today, the headline
read: "Federal agency warns of radicals on right."
Many have talked about this and Karen DeCoster in today's LRC blog
mentioned this report. Fox News, Drudge and many other "conservative"
commentators are up in arms claiming that this is a direct attack
against conservatives. I beg to differ. It is an attack against

The Department
of Homeland Security is warning "law enforcement officials"
(jackbooted criminal types) about a rise in "rightwing extremist
activity," but a footnote in this report by the Homeland Security
Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines rightwing extremism
as "including not just racist or hate groups, but also groups
that (don't miss this part) reject federal authority in favor of
state or local authority." If I'm interpreting this correctly,
this report is going after anyone who dares to question federal
authority. This would put libertarians directly in the government's
crosshairs. In fact, I have been against federal authority my entire
life, so am I a prime target? In addition, this report was sent
to police and sheriff's departments all over the country. This is
after thousands of combat troops have taken up permanent residence
as domestic police, with thousands more on the way. This sounds
like nothing more than a recipe for tyranny.

The government's
destruction of liberty has been with us for generations, but due
to the incremental nature of this assault on freedom in the past
most paid little attention. But now our liberty is being pushed
aside like a bulldozer mowing over anthills. Is anyone other than
LRC readers and small (l) libertarians watching?

In the past
I have talked about illegal wiretapping, illegal spying, government/private
spying partnerships (Infragard), thought crime legislation, financial
transaction monitoring, anti-money laundering legislation, immoral
taxation policies and privacy invasions among many other government
indiscretions, and many thought that I was too negative or too cynical.
I even wrote an article about pending legislation that would allow
government to round us all up and put us in federal camps. Now,
after just recently seeing the leaked Missouri MIAC Strategic Report,
The Department of Homeland Security is informing police to be on
the lookout for any who would not be in favor of federal authority.
Orwell as prognosticator has been well vindicated; more so than
even he probably could have imagined.

I write this
today after just learning this morning that in Billings, Montana
(population 100,000) the Yellowstone
County Sheriff’s Department
rolled out its new 13-foot tall,
35,000-pound Ballistic Engineered Armored Response vehicle (BEAR)
purchased with, you guessed it, a Homeland Security grant. It is
to be used by not only the sheriff's department but also by the
Billings Police Department. They got this war machine just in time
to tame those who are not in favor of federal authority. It is bullet-proof,
has 2-inch shatterproof glass and gun ports on both sides. This
idiocy is going on all over the country, and why more aren't fearful
of the danger of this military arming of local police I don't know.
In order for the normal citizenry to defend themselves from this
onslaught of military weaponry, rifles and shotguns will need to
be traded in for bazookas and hand-held rocket launchers. Unfortunately,
these are still illegal.

All the federal
government's offensive and defensive mechanisms are being put in
place while the lowly sheep await the slaughter. More economic tensions
with more unemployment along with over-zealous police thugs bent
on revenue creation; what will be the straw that breaks the proverbial
camel's back? What will it take before civil unrest is not just
discussed on talk shows, but is evident in the streets of America?
How much unrest will be tolerated by the now fully armed military-type
police before they become physical?

If you want
to continue to hide your head in the sand, don't dare connect these
dots! We now have militarized police, combat soldiers on our streets,
war-zone materials and weaponry in the hands of domestic government
agents, FEMA camps, and a neutered rule of law. These atrocious
changes have happened quickly, and at a time of civil restlessness.
Is this a coincidence? I think not. Everything happens for a reason,
and this time that reason is easy to spot. Are you looking? If not,
you had better open your eyes soon!

17, 2009

D. Barnett [send
him mail
] is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc.,
in Lewistown, Montana.

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