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Many of you have been so kind as to point out my grammatical mistakes in my columns to LRC. These mistakes, I have noticed, tend to be homophonic in nature: "principal" instead of "principle," or "chic" rather than "sheik." Of course "sheik" does not make scents in the context in which I used it no matter how hard I might have tried to justify using an Arab tribal leader to describe my new diet plan.

Obviously, I am not a writer by profession and sometimes get going a little two fast and take the first suggestion that MS Word throws at me without thinking much about it.

Honestly, the first time I herd the word homophone, I thought it was a cellular device that Richard Simmons used. (short comedic pause four bad attempt at humor)

Maybe the problem has to with the fact that I’ve spent almost half of my adult life oversees. Aye was to years in central America with the U.S. Navy and 10 years in Europe. Eye am fluent in 3 languages ( English, German and Romanian ) and get bye with Spanish in the present tense, and tend two confuse and mix the words in each. Sometimes eye can knot even remember the simplest word in English like: all ready, while being able two spit it out immediately inn German, "schon," oar in Romanian, "déjà." Sew, rather than being good at won language, it wood seam eye am mediocre at three with my biggest problem being homophones.

Regardless, the most important thing of coarse inn our continued fight two protect hour civil liberties as Americans hear at home is that we r able two understand won another. That we can communicate on a level that is unambiguous and clear. That the hissle and the fissle of my gissle is dope and ewe can feel me dog. That the egregious nature of my prose is knot two eclectic oar monolithic sew as two detract from the central massage: live free oar dye!

Having said that then, aye would like two take the thyme two thank those who have taken the thyme two right two me and point out my mistakes. Knot just anyone wood make the kind of effort kneaded two dew that, sew eye am inn yore debt. Aye no, eye do knot all ways have the thyme to reply two everyone, butt please no that eye am reading your emails and dew appreciate them. Sum of them make me laugh as much as eye hope mine dew ewe. And eye feel my writing skills r all ready improving.

It’s exactly this sort of continued kinship that eye am beginning to feel with my fellow Americans and most specifically with the readers of LRC. You are knot only an intellectually astute group of folks butt also a group of folks witch exhibits a degree of reason and humanity rarely seen today and witch is sorely kneaded.

Four sew long eye have looked fore a place where eye could meat other like minded individuals, and it wood seam eye have found it and just inn a Nick of thyme.

Considering what is at steak, we can knot afford to let hour guard down. Considering the heavy tacks burden, monetary and non-monetary, that awl Americans bear. Considering the heavy cost wee have awl, all ready paid, wee must stay the coarse regardless of the consequences. Wee must remain Virgil at all thymes lest wee forget y wee r hear, who wee r and what wii can b.

Inn clothing, eye wood simply like two say: keep up the good work everyone and keep me on my tows!

Don Cooper [send him mail] is a Florida native, Navy veteran and Oxford educated economist living and working in the Midwest.

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