50 Ways the Recession Is Changing Our Lives

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week, the British economy received some good news: sales of shower
gel, margarine, chicken stock, all-in-one cleaning products and
custard are up significantly. Not quite the green shoots of recovery
that Alistair Darling is praying for, but signs of economic activity
none the less.

While most
experts agree that we are far from the end of the recession –
far, even, from the beginning of the end – what we are seeing
is a turnaround in the way we spend.

Trend analysts
believe that the new shopping patterns forming under the recession
are going to last far beyond it. So here, we have identified 50
different changes to consumer habits.


  1. Showers
    are replacing hot baths.
    In a wide-ranging survey, Unilever,
    the consumer goods manufacturer whose products are in 99.4 per
    cent of British homes, revealed last week that shoppers are now
    buying more shower gel than bubble baths. Rather than fill up
    the tub, we’re taking brisker — and thriftier — showers.

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17, 2009

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