The Government-Based Economy

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I ran across
the essay “The Greatest Economic Stimulus Plan Ever! Part II”
by Wayne Allen Root, which certainly gets your attention! He starts
out saying that he’s looked, and “Obama’s solution
for the current economic tsunami is more government spending in
the form of bailouts, a massive trillion-dollar economic stimulus
package, and ‘tax cuts’ offered to people who never paid
taxes in the first place” which seems both starkly correct
and a chance for me to use it as a springboard for a Mogambo Loud
Damning Indictment (MLDI) of the Congress and Federal Reserve so
that, hopefully, your first thought is, “Our outrage is so
great that we should spontaneously arise into an unstoppable, unruly
mob, go up there, drag those incompetent lowlife morons out into
the street and beat the hell out of them all.”

Well, I like
the way you think! But it also describes an economy where the total
of local, state and federal taxes already consumes half of income,
where the total of state, local and federal spending is literally
half of all spending in America, and which is distributed to about
half of all Americans in the form of welfare, Social Security, Medicare,
Medicaid and general government contractual spending! In short,
the government IS the economy! Hahaha!

So what is
Mr. Root’s plan? Well, “for openers, giving American taxpayers
a one-year Income Tax Vacation” where nobody pays any personal
income tax – which is entirely do-able, although when I say
it, people snicker and snort and say, “No way, you moron!”
and, “You’re a lying piece of crap, you moron!” and,
“Stop stealing French fries off of my damned plate, you weirdo

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20, 2009

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