Israel and Palestine: A Statist War

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light of recent events in Israel and Palestine, it seems appropriate
to put forth a suggestion on how this seemingly never-ending conflict
could be solved. To end the ongoing violence in the region, many
pro-Palestinians are calling for the complete abolition of the Israeli
state. This is actually not a bad idea, but it only addresses part
of the problem. The real solution is to abolish both the Israeli
and Palestinian states – for as long as these governments exist,
there can be no peace and freedom in the region.

Indeed, from
a statist point of view, the conflict is in a constant stalemate;
both the Israeli and Palestinian governments and much of "their"
respective citizens are laying a claim on the same piece of land.
Both sides also back these claims with separate religious and historical
arguments in a word-against-word battle that is impossible to arbitrate
in any objective manner.

Violence is
of course a hallmark of the conflict. On the one hand, Islamist
nationalists in Palestine carry out suicide bombings and grenade
attacks against various targets in Israel, as they consider the
Israeli government to be illegally occupying "Palestinian"
land. On the other hand, the Israeli government bombs Palestinian
areas where it claims terrorists are residing, often hitting and
killing civilians instead. All these violent attacks incite counterattacks
from the opposite party of the conflict, thus creating an unremitting
spiral of violence.

The problem,
however, isn’t which side is right, i.e., which of the two governments
is entitled to control all or parts of the Israeli/Palestinian territory.
The problem is the very existence of these two governments to begin
with – and the fact that they lay claims to any land at all.

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16, 2009

Markus Bergstrm [send
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