Walter Block Wins

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The following
article arose from an exchange of emails starting here.
I urge you to read them. If you have had it up to the gills with
"political correctness" then this is something to relish.
Make no mistake, what happened here is no spat — it's a turning
point. Professor
said, in effect, "enough is enough!"

This is my
fifth consecutive Christmas in China. I have made no visits back
to the UK because, in truth, there's very little I miss about it.
Maybe I'll live out my days here or in this part of the world.

One of the
things I left behind in the UK was political correctness (PC). In
fact, if I had to give only one reason for not going back then this
would probably be it.

What started
under the banner of "equal opportunities" has now ballooned
into an ideology. People don't laugh anymore, there's no leg-pulling,
no banter. Everyone is afraid. Phrases like "getting the gender
balance right" and "diversity training and awareness"
abound. If anyone has the gall to offer positive criticism of such
things they are in for a rough ride.

In reality,
a great many people are heartily sick of it all. But beware whom
you say it to. The charge of "racism" or "sexism"
today carries the same weight as that of "heretic" in
the Middle Ages. The accusation is enough. You won't risk losing
your life but you'll be very lucky to save your career unless you
prostrate yourself, admit your guilt and beg for mercy.

How refreshing
it was to see someone not only take on the PC brigade, but see them
off as well. They've become so used to behaving with impunity that
when someone actually stood up to them they were found to be wanting.
His response to their charges was to repay them in full measure
and more.

This was not
some ivory tower academic debate but rather one man’s refusal to
see his reputation, character and integrity trashed by a group of
highly-paid "scholars" who had made it to positions of
power and prestige on the back of PC. I wonder what their collective
scholarly publications list looks like?

It has been
clearly demonstrated that these people can be taken on and shown
up for the cowards (not one would engage in public debate) and bullies
(say what we say … or else) that they are.

I doubt if
he'll get an apology, never mind justice. However, on the positive
side, he has exposed his detractors to academic and intellectual
ridicule. More importantly, as each of them slunk from the fray
and headed for cover, everything has been clearly observed by all
who have followed the saga, especially students. For them there
is much to be learned here; if you are going to attack someone in
this fashion — at least do your homework – get your facts straight
first and then your arguments. If not, you are likely to
suffer the destruction which Professor Block has wreaked upon the
credibility and reputations of those who comprise the Affirmative
Action Diversity Task Force at Loyola University New Orleans
and others.

chose at the outset, for reasons not made clear, to attack
Professor Block in a public arena. He has, to all intents and purposes,
finished it where it all began, in the public arena.

is a bit of friendly advice, in closing. Next time, pick your target
for unwarranted ill-treatment more carefully."

speaking, a "bloody nose" is usually a good indication
that you did something which it may not be wise to repeat. I wonder
if any lessons have been learned?

31, 2008

Clancy [send him mail]
is Associate Professor of Financial Accounting at Zhongnan University
of Economics and Law in Wuhan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic
of China.

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