Toxic Anger 2: Getting Angrier and Ron Paul's Cures

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Recently I
wrote an article titled Toxic
about the mortgage crisis and how it now seems that many
hard-working Americans will be forced by the government to pay for
people who live in foreclosed homes to keep their homes. Well, the
situation has not gotten any better.

More injustices
abound. It seems that we, the people who work hard, the responsible,
are being forced by the government to support the following irresponsible,
gambled and lost, groups:

We, the people,
have already bailed out nine Wall Street banks who are thinking
about using $108 billion dollars of the recent $125 billion taken
from us by the government to
give to
employees as bonuses. In fairness, many of these employees'
compensation packages are bonus driven and people are saying these
folks should not work for free, but if your company went bankrupt
and had to get stolen money to keep going, do you still deserve
that money? After all, it is not coming from the company anymore.

We, the people,
are supposed to bail out additional homeowners in expensive neighborhoods
who can pay their mortgages just fine, but are learning the value
in being a looter and are now ceasing to make their payments. They
have learned that is better to be a looter so they too can be in
foreclosure and get a better mortgage on their home. (Sorry I don't
have a link for this, but I heard it on 11/6/08 on CNBC.)

We, the people,
are now supposed to bail out the auto industry and the United Auto
Workers Union because although these companies are not profitable,
we need them to stay in business and keep losing money. President
elect Obama
has promised $50 billion of our dollars to keep
them in business. (Although how long they will stay is business
is questionable since both GM and Ford posted losses of more than
in the first half of 2008 alone).

In addition,
hedge funds, the insurance industry and others are all looking to
get some of our money. Daily, more people fall into the looting
category and fewer feel the desire to remain producers. Ayn Rand
predicted this over fifty years ago in her brilliant book Atlas
. A must read for all these days.

We are told
we need to give these folks money because they are u201Ctoo important
to fail.u201D Here is a nice
little article
about past industries that did not get bailed
out and as a result they brought the calamity of lost jobs. These
companies included the typewriter industry, hoop skirt manufactures,
and the enormous horse and buggy carriage industry that took with
it stagecoach drivers, wheelwrights, and blacksmiths, as well as
those darned buggy whip manufacturers.

Okay, so by
now you are angry: Really, really angry. If you are like many Americans,
this year you saw your home
lose as much as 50% and many portfolios are down 60%
. Even if
you live in a tiny apartment in New York City and don't have a dime
to your name, you have seen food and fuel prices go up like never
before. We are all paying for this in some form. You now understand
that all of these bailouts are coming from you and you don't like
it. What can you do?

What follows
is advice I have heard from Ron Paul in various speeches, articles,
and his recent book The
Revolution: A Manifesto
as well as other sources such as
Lew Rockwell and the Mises Institute who teach Austrian Economics.
What can you do to fight this overreaching of government power?

1. Educate,
educate, educate. First educate yourself. Learn about the Austrian
School of Economics and why printing trillions of dollars is hurting
every single American, even those that don't pay taxes. It is called
the Inflation tax and comes when the Federal Reserve prints more
and more dollars and weakens the value of each. This makes prices
go up and we pay additional taxes in every penny we spend. If printing
money could solve all our problems, then why not just print up ten
million dollars for every household in America? Wouldn't that jumpstart
the economy? Actually, all that would do is cause the dollar to
crash and send us into hyper-inflation. If that is bad, then aren't
these bailouts going to be bad one day too? We got into this mess
by printing too much money. How is more poison going to help the

2. Hand out
as many Red Pills as you can. In other words, open people's eyes
about government theft. For me, the u201Cahau201D moment came when I learned
(and I admit I did not know) that the government does not have any
money. It does not make anything. It does not produce any money.
All the money it gets it takes from you and me. Therefore, anytime
they talk about how u201Cweu201D need to give $700 billion dollars to anyone
that is money that is taken from you and me in the form of higher
direct taxes, higher taxes through inflation, or additional debt
that must be paid back at some point by us.

3. Use better
language. The government does not want you to put the focus on them
and have taught us some bad habits. Instead of saying u201Cweu201D when
talking about the actions taken by the U.S. Government, say, u201Cthe
U.S. Government.u201D Such as: instead of u201Cweu201D are fighting a war with
u201CIraqu201D change it to the U.S. Government is fighting a war with the
government of Iraq. Only in America do we say u201Cweu201D when speaking
of the government.

4. In the same
vein, be clearer about current economics. Instead of saying that
Obama will save the big three automakers as if he is a generous
leprechaun with an unlimited pot of gold, make it clear where the
money is coming from and who is taking it. Such as, I heard today
that President elect Obama is considering stealing $50 billion dollars
from the American public to give to certain auto companies. (I say
stealing, because no one asked me my opinion on the matter and if
they had I would have said no. If I do not have the right to say
no, I call that stealing.) Try this little test with this article
and see how it sounds when you replace all the language. For example
it talks about stimulus checks being given to Americans. Well, these
did not come out of this air. Replace that phrase with u201Cstimulus
checks paid for with money stolen from the American people.u201D They
don't sound so stimulating any more.

5. Stop watching
mainstream news. Most of it is propaganda or silly stories you can
do without. I tried this and two months later watched a national
newscast. I was shocked at all the direct lies and manipulations
that were substituted as u201Cnews.u201D For example, before the $700 billion
dollar bailout we were told the sky would fall and credit would
stop if we did not hand over our money to these banks. Instead,
they hoarded it, used it to purchase struggling banks in the biggest
fire sale of the century and they barely increased the amount of
credit extended to regular folk. (Don't get me wrong, I am not suggesting
that they should have to give credit to the un-creditworthy — that
landed us in this mess in the first place.) But the world did not
end. Nothing much has changed except that these banks that were
struggling a little are now doing quite well. (Well, goodie for
them. I still can barely afford to buy groceries).

6. To replace
the loss of the mainstream news, get your information from sources
such as,,, and
These are non-statist websites that are run by people who have already
swallowed the Red Pill. They know that the government is nothing
but force, it is run by thugs and thieves, it is not our friend,
and its sole purpose is to steal as much money from each of us as
it can get away with. These sites tell it like it is without a statist
slant. (A statist thinks the State — the government — is better
at spending your money than you are and we cannot be trusted to
make our own decisions. A non-statist thinks just the opposite:
that we are adults, we know better than some bureaucrat how best
to spend our limited resources and that our private lives are our

7. Understand
that the government is not trying to make sure everyone gets a home,
but instead, they are doing their best to make sure everyone gets
a thirty-year mortgage. That sounds a lot less benevolent and a
little more like crony capitalism does it not? The government is
not the nanny state, it is the warden state. It is not there to
gently teach you and guide you; it rules you with a heavy hand and
stick. Which reminds me — stop calling these politicians our u201Cleaders.u201D
They are not leading us anywhere. They are our rulers. They tell
us what to do and in most cases we have very little we can do about
it. Thoughts become much clearer when you use the proper language.

8. Anytime
you hear someone say that the free market caused this mess set them
straight. Do not let that lie spread any further. The financial
crisis was caused by government intervention in the markets. Fannie
and Freddie were both government-created programs designed to put
a mortgage in every pot. The Federal Reserve continually lowered
interest rates (as they are doing right now) until money was so
cheap it didn't make sense not to borrow more than you could
afford. In 1977, the Community Reinvestment Act was designed to
provide u201Caffordableu201D mortgages to those with poor
. In 1995, President Clinton made
to the CRA that loosened credit standards even further
and forced banks to make risky loans or face penalties. These actions
are as far from a free market as you can get. This is corporatism
and social engineering at its worst.

9. Finally,
do all you can to tell as many people what you have learned. Tell
everyone you know. Understand that it is not the foreclosed homeowners
who are stealing from you, it is the government. (Although I have
a thing or two to say to the people
who stood outside the FDIC and protested about their mortgages being
too high and demanded that the FDIC take money from you and me so
they could have lower monthly payments. Apparently, they now think
the deal the originally signed could have been better. AIG also
thinks its bailout deal could have been better and now the old president
of the company is asking for better
. Gee, could it be because he is a major shareholder?)
These folks could not get a dime from us legally if the government
wasn't involved. The automakers do not have a right to one penny
from you unless the government decides to steal it from you. Wall
Street banks would fail or not based on their own business decisions
without the government stealing from us to prop them up. No matter
how much these looters beg, it is government action that actually
takes money from you.

So, keep it
simple. Keep it clear. The problem is government power and the need
to get rid of it. It will not matter who is in charge if the government
doesn't have much power. Moreover, we have a lack of understanding
by most Americans that the government has no pot of gold to hand
out. Teach that all wealth transfer is theft. Not too many people
are comfortable being thieves. If you teach them that each government
program they are seeking is grand theft, they may think differently.
Explain that people have a right to their labor and they should
not be made slaves to support leviathan. Tell them that if we eliminated
all the government programs we could get rid of the Income Tax and
spend our money the way we want to.

about how liberal programs such as minimum wage laws and the Americans
with Disabilities Act have actually hurt the people they are designed
to help. Learn
how u201Cfreeu201D government education is not free at all (many homeowners
pay for it through property taxes) and they are teaching our children
how to be good little citizens that do not question government action.
Not much could be more dangerous to liberty.

Send articles
to your friends. But most important of all, keep learning. It is
easier to get clear information these days, but you have to look
for it. Remember though, only the educated can teach and this country
needs to learn a whole lot of lessons. Perhaps you might want to
consider picking up copies of Murray Rothbard's What
has Government Done to Our Money
and Ron Paul's The
Revolution: A Manifesto
. My husband and I are giving a copy
of each to everyone on our Christmas list. (Both of these can be
found from the links on the front page of

Finally, for
a brilliant inspiring speech by Ron Paul about what each of us can
do to turn this country around, listen
to this


10, 2008

Hamilton [send her mail]
is a retired attorney.

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