America in Financial Crisis Meltdown

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If you think
the U.S. economy is going to stabilize or get better any time soon,
you’re in for a shock.

Due to government
corruption, military intervention, credit expansion and sweetheart
deals with billionaire companies like Lehman Brothers, Wachovia,
Morgan and Freddie Mac, the American people will pay for the coming
financial crisis for generations to come. Whether it’s through more
bailouts (with a price tag of $10,000+ per each American), an out-of-control
national debt, higher taxes or the invisible inflation cost-of-living
tax, we can be sure that our friends and neighbors will be struggling
to make ends meet for years.

Are you angry

You can’t get
something for nothing. But that’s exactly what our American economy
ran on in the last decade, thanks to the reckless policies of Alan
Greenspan and Ben Bernanke. The Federal Reserve created this mess
by creating money and credit out of thin air and will only make
it worse. It’s like a thief punching you for your wallet and then
offering to shoot you to make the pain go away.

Are you worried
about your job yet?

We are not
heading for another Great Depression. We are heading towards America’s
first Great Inflation. It will make hyper-inflation of decades
past seem like a hiccup. Remember how people in the Soviet Union
paid for food with wheelbarrows of worthless currency? You will
see the cost of milk, eggs, bread and gasoline soar through the
roof. You have our elected representatives to thank for that.

We as Americans
and the bankers love the free credit, the unsound money, the endless
supply of greenback dollars and the artificially low interest rates.
Just today, the Fed cut the rate again. The New York Times
and the major party presidential candidates praised Bernanke for
the same insanity that put us here in the first place.

But now we
have a price to pay. Neither of the major party candidates (nor
most of Congress for that matter) have even the smallest clue about
how the economy works, how we got into this financial crisis and
how to properly fix it.

Think it can’t
happen here in America?

Check out the
“canary in the mine” we now call Iceland. This small wintry island
has some major economy problems! You see, Iceland is on the verge
of a national bankruptcy (probably where Gov. Arnold’s California
is heading). Foreign governments invested heavily in Iceland when
the gross domestic product and the credit expansion of its banks
were insufficient to support its debts. Sound familiar? Just ask
your local congressman how heavily invested China is in our national
debt and real estate. Talk about debt collection woes.

What is the

First, invest
your money more wisely. Move some or most of your investments (whether
stocks, IRA’s or petty cash) into hard precious metals like gold,
platinum, silver or palladium (even copper or nickel) or food commodities.
You will see a substantial rise in metal values and food as the
American greenback dollar collapses.

Second, stop
borrowing so much. Fight the temptation. That means the credit cards
and the house or business equity line. Run your house budget wisely
and cut down unnecessary expenses and instant gratification treats.

Third, demand
that Congress hold the Federal Reserve accountable. No more free
money to bankers without a vote from the people.

Fourth, demand
that Congress close down costly foreign military bases in Germany,
South Korea and Saudi Arabia. We must bring home military personnel
from Africa, Japan, the Philippines, Honduras, Colombia, Pakistan,
Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Qatar and Bahrain, to name but a few. We
can no longer afford the cost of running an empire for “democracy”.

Fifth, demand
that Congress return our American dollar to the gold (and silver)
standard to keep us from losing the purchasing power that we worked
for in order to take care of ourselves and our children.

Sixth, refuse
to waste your vote for either of the two ignorant major party
presidential candidates. Instead, send a message to Congress
by voting for one of the four minor party candidates who
will have the honesty and the decency to actually:

  1. hold the
    Federal Reserve accountable for its recklessness;
  2. stop the
    rise of the national debt (at 10.193 Trillion Dollars and
  3. slash military
    and banking aid to foreign countries and control domestic spending;
  4. close foreign
    military bases and prevent more expensive wars in the Middle East.

The minor party
presidential candidates with ballot access in most states are:

  • Chuck Baldwin
    (conservative Christian pastor)
  • Cynthia
    McKinney (liberal former congresswoman, the other African-American
  • Ralph Nader
    (liberal consumer advocate, independent)
  • Bob Barr
    (conservative former congressman)

Seventh, turn
off the T.V. — shut off the junk on Cable News — print
out this article
and read it with your spouse or loved one over
a hot cup of joe.

Eighth, do
something about it. E-mail my article to your friends. Learn the
truth about our economy on websites like,, and

9, 2008

J. Arias [send him mail]
is a Connecticut attorney. He is involved with the Democratic Freedom
Caucus and serves on the board of a local non-profit for pregnant
teenagers. He is an avid supporter of Congressman Ron Paul and a
unschooling father.

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