An Open Letter to Iraq Veterans Against the War

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Dear IVAW,

After my article
on ("Young
Marine Speaks Out
"), I was approached by members of your
organization. They saw in my words a kindred antiwar spirit. I told
those who contacted me that I couldn't and wouldn't become a part
of your organization. At the time I was worried that I’d receive
more harassment from the Marine Corps if I joined an antiwar organization.
Today, a day after I have been discharged from the Marine Corps,
I have a much better reason why I would not and will not join your
organization. Your recent DNC convention protest march in Denver
(my hometown) is the reason. At this march, an official of yours,
Liam Madden, crossed the police riot line and had a shadowy meeting
with Sen. Obama’s campaign officials. Apparently at this meeting,
the campaign official assured Mr. Madden and the rest of the IVAW
protesters that Sen. Obama would be in compliance with the
three unity points

For some reason
your organization seems to support the Democrats, and now their
candidate, Sen. Obama, as the antiwar party and candidate. This
baffles me. Perhaps you don't know your history.

Bill Clinton sent many of our brothers and sisters into harm's way
and billions of dollars worth of bombs onto the heads of Somalians,
Serbs, Sudanese, and Iraqis while he was in office. He was a Democrat
and he was no antiwar president. Before him President Roosevelt
(FDR) drove us into WWII. His successor, Harry Truman, got us involved
in the bloodstained Korean conflict. JFK was the original president
to send "military advisors" to South Vietnam and began
our quagmire there. They were all Democrats. Then the Republicans
started the Iraq war with Democratic Congressional support, and
in 2006 the Democrats ran as the "antiwar" party and won
the midterm elections by a healthy margin. You hoped that this would
change the direction of our war; you thought the corner was turned.

out nothing changed. President Bush got whatever money he wanted
(and in some cases more) from the Democrat-controlled Congress.
After all that antiwar rhetoric, including words from Sen. Obama,
it turns out that the Democratic party is not at all antiwar — or
perhaps they are just spineless. Either way, your apparent support
of the Democratic party and of Sen. Obama is reprehensible.

I know who
you are, I have served with you in conditions that we still can't
speak or write about. I believe in your three points of unity and
strongly support them, but putting your trust in the Democratic
party and Sen. Obama is terribly misguided, as history shows us.
You had courage and fortitude when you served in Iraq; get it back
here, stateside, and support a true antiwar candidate, please. I'd
suggest a man like Ron Paul, or even Dennis Kucinich. But never
support a prowar party and candidate.

Former US Marine
and Iraq War Veteran,

1, 2008

Martin [send him mail],
a former infantry Marine, served two combat tours in the al Anbar
Province of Iraq.

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