The Federal Reserve's War Against the Human Race

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American foreign
policy is corrupted by a powerful influence so arrogantly reckless
it endangers the human race. This influence isn’t Big Oil or Zionism,
which are merely tools of the real power. The real power that controls
US foreign policy is Big Money — the central banking institution
known as the Federal
Reserve System

The ultimate
in corporate welfare, the Fed is a government-supported banking
cartel which creates trillions of dollars from mere bookkeeping
entries. The $123 billion in Big Oil profits last year is trivial
in comparison. In political clout, Big Money is the driver and Big
Oil is only along for the ride.

Likewise, Israel
is also but a passenger. True, US foreign policy is dominated by
neoconservative ideologues, but the neocons are politically powerful
because of their lobbies, and their lobbies get their money from
financiers who get their money from investment bankers who get their
money from the central bankers of the Federal Reserve. The neocons
may sincerely believe in their own agenda but they have power only
because the central bankers need them to feign a patriotic/nationalistic
smokescreen so that citizens will sacrifice and soldiers will die
for a foreign policy whose real purpose is to enrich the central

No wonder the
neocon narrative has plot holes. For example, if the neocons favor
democracy, why support Saudi Arabia, the most repressive regime
in the Middle East? Why attack Iraq, which had no connection with
terrorists and no weapons of mass destruction, and why support Pakistan,
which has both? Why so eager to immediately attack Iran, which is
years from developing nuclear weapons? And most bizarrely of all,
why did the neocons push Georgia into a hopeless war against Russia?

None of this
protects the US or Israel from "Islamo-Fascism." Instead,
the neocons defer to the key foreign policy objective of the central
bankers, which is: Keep
the Dollar Strong
. A strong dollar will dominate as the world’s
reserve currency and serve as the international medium of exchange,
and as the global economy grows, demand for reserve currency increases
and the central bankers reap enormous wealth by trading their otherwise
worthless little green pieces of paper for the world’s resources.

the central bankers are too greedy. Over-inflating the money supply,
they undermine the dollar’s value. In desperation, to keep the dollar
as world reserve currency, the Fed pressures its oil-producing vassal
states — especially the US puppet regime in Saudi Arabia — to accept
only dollars in exchange for oil. As oil is the world’s most essential
commodity, the world must trade in dollars to survive.

Thus the neocons
show fealty to the Fed. They ignore Saudi repression, because Saudi
oil keeps the dollar strong. The neocons attacked Iraq because it
was a major oil producer that dared sell in currencies other than
the dollar. The neocons want to attack Iran now for the same

The neocons
would also love to attack Russia, the world’s second largest oil
producer, for it too refuses to bow before the Almighty Petrodollar.
However, Russia really has weapons of mass destruction, and so the
neocons pursued indirect confrontation by encouraging
their puppet regime in Georgia to attack South Ossetia, a Russian
ally. The Russians predictably retaliated, and frightened
are pulling investments from Russia and questioning
their reliance on Russian oil. End result: the dollar rules on.

The neocons
knew Georgia couldn’t beat Russia. Localized military defeat for
global financial victory was the game plan. As neoconservative Jeane
Kirkpatrick revealed
during the Cold War: “Russia is playing chess, while we are playing
Monopoly.” And so Russia loudly stakes out a square while the Fed
quietly buys up the board.

Very clever
— but in provoking a deadly confrontation with a nuclear power,
did the central bankers let greed go too far? To dilute our currency
at a cost of thousands of dollars a year per citizen is criminal,
but to risk the annihilation of civilization is depraved.

feeble altruistic rationalizations, we see the Federal Reserve’s
power to create unlimited amounts of money at whim has caused our
monetary overlords to lose touch with humanity and wage war against
the human race. Such unbounded egomania is a natural consequence
of being insulated from economic, political, and moral accountability
during the Fed’s century-long reign of corruption.

For our freedom,
prosperity, and survival, the Federal Reserve scam of the central
bankers must be abolished — before more wealth is dissipated by
their parasitical monetary system, or another life is lost to their
vampirical foreign policy.

9, 2008

Schembrie [send him mail]
is a writer who lives in Bellevue, Washington.

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