Stop Voting!

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This election
cycle has become interminably long and boring. The worst possible
candidates from the Republican and Democrat parties have floated
to the top, much like what you see when you glance down into a toilet

This situation
in which the nation finds itself is not uncommon. The state primaries,
caucuses and major party conventions have a long and checkered history
of corruption. Primaries, caucuses and conventions have been occurring
for scores of decades.

The “political
system” virtually guarantees that the most corrupt, the best liars,
the most compromising, becomes the presumptive candidate. Both candidates
are also the politician of their party most willing to violate the
Constitution by continuing an unlawful war, and by initiating and
approving the highest amount of unconstitutional Federal spending.

There’s an
old saying, “Actions speak louder than words.” Said another way,
“If you want to know what a person values, don’t listen to what
they say, only watch what they do.” Think about it. The political
system in America is populated with men and women who give lip service
to the Constitution, but then go on to vote for every unconstitutional
spending bill presented to them. They talk about the virtues of
our constitutional republic, and then act to subvert and violate
that very system of government.

A pure constitutionalist
has no place, and no political base, in America in 2008. Consider
the candidacy of Rep. Ron Paul during the Republican primary season.
Paul couldn’t get arrested, much less have a legitimate shot at
winning or even to be noticed by mainstream media.

So why do I
strongly urge you to stop Voting?

1. The illegitimacy
of the vote. Look at the situation of paper ballots versus electronic
voting. It has been proved beyond doubt that voting machines all
across America have been manipulated to change outcomes of elections.
In light of the proven fact that you cannot be sure your vote counts,
why continue voting?

2. Illegitimacy
part II. Consider the incontrovertible facts of national elections…and
many times, state and local elections. In 2004, about 125 million
people had their votes counted. (Many hundreds of thousands more
people actually voted, but their votes did not count for a variety
of reasons…don’t get me started!) But elections for decades now
break in this statistical fashion:

40% vote

40% vote

20% undecided
are in the middle.

the Republican and Democrat voting blocks cancel each other out
automatically. So if you’re a registered Republican or Democrat,
your vote is wasted. The time you spend voting is wasted. Tell that
to all of the people you know who tell you that voting for a third-party
candidate is a wasted vote!

It is the 20%
in the middle that decides the election. Specifically, 10% plus
one vote decides the winner.

Look at the
rough numbers from the 2004 Presidential race:

Total votes

Republican 50,000,000

Democrat 50,000,000

Undecided 25,000,000

statistically splits in half:

Winner 12,500,001
(10% plus one vote)

Loser 12,499,999
(10% minus one vote)

So, in a nation
of 300 million people, a little over 12 million people, or 4%, actually
decide the Presidential election.

The statistics
fall much the same in elections in which a candidate identifies
with a political party. If you have a local state legislative race
where Republicans and Democrats face each other, that race will
be decided in much the same way as a national race.

3. Consider
that, under Robert’s Rules of Order, an organization holding a vote
must have a quorum in place for the vote to be legitimate. But,
in American political elections, where’s the quorum?

candidates regularly consider their election “a mandate from the
people.” But think about this: How small would the total number
of voters have to be before a candidate would refuse to take office?
If 100 million voters stayed away from the polls in November, and
only 25 million nationwide voted instead of 125 million…would
the winning candidate shun the victory? My gut feeling is that the
candidate would still accept the outcome. And why not? There’s NOTHING
in the law that I know of that prevents the winner from taking office…a
veritable bottomless pit.

With an election
system in place in America that is hopelessly corrupt, participation
as a voter only encourages those in power…and those seeking power…to
continue with the corrupt and illegitimate election system.

So, if you
continue voting, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.

28, 2008

D. Longcore [send him
] has an insurance claims practice in Atlanta, Georgia.
He is married to “his redhead” Julie, and has three wonderful children,
and three even more wonderful grandchildren.

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