The God Called Democracy

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While the US
continues to build its empire as an altar to the god Democracy,
it is important to note that democracy is not the reason our Patriots
rose up against the British. No, our Patriots fought for Liberty.
And, democracy is not Liberty.

In fact, democracy
becomes oppression whenever the majority ignores the plight of the
minority. This happens every time a majority of voters uses the
ballot box to gain an advantage over everyone else. Such a perversion
of democracy has resulted in a sordid record of incidents throughout
world history, with the US having no immunity whatsoever.

Recently, we
have seen a resurgence of the mentality that the majority is right
simply because they are the majority. Victory at the ballot box
justifies any action, with the belief that the "majority spoke"
being the moral equivalent of "might makes right." Consider
three recent income tax initiatives being discussed and debated
in Central Ohio cities.

In two of the
cities, resident advocates — tax consumers, government minions,
etc. — are selling income tax levies as an increase that will affect
only a minority of voters. The sales pitch is that the majority
can vote a burden on the minority, and the majority can do so without
remorse or regret because the democratic action of voting justifies
any evil.

In the third
city, retired residents are advocating an income tax increase that
is not theirs to bear. The tax will be on earned income, not on
income derived from retirement accounts, etc. Once again, those
who seek to reap the benefits are using the tools of democracy to
gain an advantage over their neighbors.

Sure, we have
had envy at the national level for years, but that envy is between
classes unseen. Now, envy is between neighbors. I'm certain that
the folks campaigning for the three taxes above can look out their
front door and name those who will pay for their supposed public
goods. Folks who are uncomfortable asking to borrow a cup
of sugar have no issue with levying a tax on their neighbors.

This is always
true: There is nothing ethical about using the power of politics
to gain an advantage. And, hiding behind a majority of voters does
not make an unethical action ethical.

Of course,
all taxes provide an advantage for some over others, but I am now
seeing local governments publicly advocate the division of winners
and losers among their constituents. City officials are dividing
residents into those who reap and those who pay, all the while selling
their tax increases as a means for the majority to gain at the expense
of the minority.

Sadly, our
nation has fallen for the cries of those who demand the redistribution
of wealth; cries that did not lead our Patriots to arms. Yet, because
envy is both a powerful human emotion and a seductive motivator,
the political class has used envy to gain power and influence; a
process that began well over a century ago.

And it's a
process drummed into the heads of students and parents in public
schools throughout the nation. Democracy is good, always. It may
have ventured off course for a bit — such as when a school levy
fails, but the continued push and prodding of those seeking the
advantage inevitably gets the right majority to the polls. Then,
government and the majority declare the new tax — blessed by Democracy
— good.

When the political
machine uses the envy of the majority to enslave the minority, there
is little hope for our future. The function of democracy is no longer
the peaceful transfer of power in order to maintain Liberty. Instead,
the democracy becomes a war of classes seeking an advantage over
one another, with failure of your party in the elections tantamount
to having your property and income looted in the near future. In
the end, the peaceful transfer of power gives way to the chaos that
robs the developing world of any future.

So, what are
the alternatives? Hans-Hermann Hoppe, in his book Democracy:
The God That Failed
, suggests a true heresy: replace democracy
with a monarchy. What?!? A monarchy is the antithesis of freedom!
Right? Well, maybe not. Isn't it just possible that a monarch would
protect his possessions better than the term-limited president or
mayor? And, in doing so, wouldn't the monarch also protect the ability
of his subjects to produce efficiently and, hence, live freely?

The monarch
who acts with good judgment will have something to pass to his heirs
while the term-limited president or mayor has to steal what he can,
while he still holds power — the constituents and next administration
be damned.

What about
Liberty? Simply switch the national threat advisory to red and watch
how quickly the majority cowers before the state, all the while
demanding the end to our remaining rights. When that occurs, the
motto of the Department of Homeland Security — "Preserving
Our Freedoms, Protecting America" — will be revealed as nothing
other than the latest version of homegrown agitprop.

Would the monarch
resort to such efforts, efforts that would slowly impoverish his
nation? Something to consider. Regardless, we can say this: a monarch
saves us from the emperor in DC and the envious, thieving majorities
at home.

Should we chose
to set aside the Hoppe solution, we must return to the ideals and
ethics that sparked the Revolution and birthed Liberty. We must
not allow democracy to justify envy. And, we must once again view
government for what it is: as an every-growing Leviathan that must
be contained and constantly beaten back.

26, 2008

Fedako [send him mail] is a
homeschooling father of five who lives in Lewis Center, OH, and
maintains a blog: Anti-Positivist.

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