The New American Crisis An open letter to traditional Christians to quit the Flatworldview Society immediately and to re-animate the Constitution of the United States with the big ideas of Christianity and Dr. Ron Paul

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When Mike Huckabee
began preaching in the Presidential debates about the historic virtues
of the vertical spectrum versus the horizontal political spectrum,
the idea had already been in print and distributed to major media
since the 2000 campaign of George W. Bush when that establishment
candidate was viciously attacked by the media left for speaking
at Protestant traditionalist Bob Jones University. The school appropriately
dropped its ban on interracial dating, but was attacked unfairly
over religion as allegedly "anti-Mormon" and "anti-Catholic."

I was acutely
aware in 2000 that Christians of all persuasions are not
second-class citizens to be marginalized based on a philosophically
dangerous and relativistic flatworldview model. Rather, Christians
defend the right to play a vital role in our self-governing
republic, not only as moral philosophers, but also as critical
thinkers and as faithful adherents to the Constitution and the
rule of law.

Constitutionalists are uniquely equipped to stand within what I
referred to at the time as the vertical mainstream of the
true American tradition.

Since 2000,
things have only gotten worse. Ours absolutely is the New American
Crisis in the exact same vein of Thomas Paine's American Crisis,
published in 1776 during the American struggle for independence.
Today, it is as if a foreign body has invaded the body politic all
over again, and Dr. Ron Paul is the only candidate who is prescribing
the only real antidote for saving a dying republic born 232 years

The practical
reality today is that "we the people" are all traversing
leftward together along the modern sophistry that is the flatworldview
paradigm toward an authoritarian socialist state. Christians
who cannot see the light and who continue to support establishment
candidates in-waiting become the unwitting enablers of this
perpetual shift.

Those candidates
are more than willing to use the natural idealism and enthusiasm
of those who are animated by the life of Christ within us, but we
never attain high office in sufficient numbers representative of
our support in order to change the actual direction of the
well-entrenched domestic and foreign policy establishment.

As a Navy
veteran in communications, a former print journalist and editorial
writer who also holds a master's degree in theology and who was
raised Southern Baptist, I love the American republic as much as
anyone else.

The flatworldview
model is as mischievous an idea as it is dangerous, for several
reasons. The sophistry itself is propagated by what I referred to
in my February 19, 2000 Open Letter to George W. Bush as
the Flatworldview Society.

First, the
idea disconnects the sovereign people from their sovereign
Creator as source of our inalienable birthrights to life, liberty
and property. Those rights inhere in us and are as natural as they
are sacred. We were born free and not in chains, to cite

Second, the
flatworldview paradigm is a matrix through which people view
the world, and which they cannot see past. It conditions our worldview,
which determines our behavior. "As a man thinketh in his heart,
so is he," said the wise Solomon.

Third, it
is schizophrenic. It divides the people for conquest. It
is lunacy to place international socialists known as communists
on the left and national socialists known as Nazis on the right,
as they will both blow your brains out, or to put moderate socialists
in the virtuous middle. The whole spectrum is socialist.

Simple logic
requires that we put all authoritarian socialists on the left. The
opposite of TOTAL government on the left, is NO government, or anarchy,
on the right. Traditional Christians do not belong on the right,
since we are neither moral nor political anarchists. Rather, we
stand within the vertical mainstream as true centrists in the American
tradition, not only of the true faith as we believe it to be, but
also of the Constitution and the rule of law. Christian preachers
and parishioners alike played a vital role for liberty in the first
American Crisis, and various signers of our founding documents
were ministers.

Fourth, it
is a relativistic model that will always cause the American
republic to drift leftward toward authoritarianism. Mike Huckabee
and his unwitting enablers will be helpless to stop it. Huckabee's
is the right message, but the wrong messenger.

The flatworldview
model is the dialectic of German rationalist philosopher Hegel,
who rejected Aristotelian opposites of thesis and antithesis. Christian
philosopher Francis Schaeffer popularized this analysis in his books
in the 1970s and 80s. Hegel synthesized these opposites into a new
thesis, against which a new antithesis would arise. This put truth
in relative motion. The sophistical idea that everything is relative
is an absolute statement, and contradictory of its own thesis.

Our Constitution
is the Great Charter that the people did ordain and establish
as creator, in order to limit the "government" from abusing
our liberty in a self-governing republic that operates along
democratic lines. It is a set of bylaws intended to be
followed, yet it has become a mere touchstone and a caricature of
a bygone republic. The Charter is as elastic as the process
of amendment itself.

The people's
representatives in Congress duly assembled spend money insanely
in this crisis and pass laws they often do not so much as read and
which they often do not write, yet which destroy the Constitution
and the rule of law one sacred amendment at a time.

the unitary executive attacks other nations unilaterally,
condones the torture of prisoners, spies on Americans, and issues
a thousand signing statements telling the people's representatives
which parts of the Supreme Law of the Land he will enforce,
and which he will not. This is lawlessness, by any reasonable
standard. The people are in genuine peril from a dysfunctional,
secretive, gargantuan, and unaccountable state.

The people
constitute the sovereignty, not the mythical state. The state is
the people, said the wise Aristotle. So say we the people. The state
is all of us, not just some of us. It includes the theist
and the a(h)-theist alike. The modern sophistry of the "separation
of church and state" separates the free exercise of
religion from the state based upon a divided worldview. A-theism
is in actuality the most dangerous form of establishment.

The problem
in 2008 is that too few people of traditional faith are aware that
Dr. Ron Paul is their most natural candidate in this crisis, both
in faith and practice. He does not wear his faith so opportunistically
upon his sleeve as do some
who may invite criticism, yet he has introduced pro-life
legislation in Congress. An obstetrician, he has delivered 4,000
babies and is uniquely qualified to prescribe the antidote for what
ails the modern health care system.

The candidate
with two first-names has voted consistently to restrict the federal
government to those authorizations that are enumerated by
law within the Constitution itself as the set of bylaws that our
own Great Charter really is.

By contrast,
the record of the second Arkansas governor from Hope on issues of
government spending, illegal immigration, public
and private education
, 1,000-plus pardons, ethics investigations,
and his incipient foreign policy statements and alliances, are prophetic
on how he would govern, his many protestations of faith notwithstanding.

John McCain's
record on illegal immigration is likewise dubious. Are we now to
believe his quasi-conversion on the issue, when he originally campaigned
so hard for amnesty? The border issue is manifestly a State

Unlike Huckabee,
I am one who sided wholly with the conservatives in the battle for
the Bible and inerrancy which split the Southern Baptist Convention.
Inerrancy absolutely is the true Southern Baptist tradition.

Without a
fundamental return to fidelity to the Constitution and the rule
of law, our republic cannot survive the leftward drift toward an
authoritarian state, and Christians become enablers of the shift,
when we of all people are uniquely enabled by the one true God to
do something to stop it. Dr. Paul is the only candidate in this
crisis who is prescribing the real antidote for the lawlessness
that is now killing America from within.

We profess
to be those whose eyes and minds God has opened through the God-man,
Jesus Christ our Lord. How, then, can we be so blind for so long
to protestations of faith by candidates, who once they attain high
office, govern as the establishment candidates in-waiting they truly

How could
we have been so blind for so long to the enabler of the One World
Order, George Bush of the occultic Skull and Bones Society?

The idea
of the vertical model is too fundamentally important to become the
stuff of political opportunism, or for gaining traction as a viable
candidate with real polling numbers.

Dr. Paul's
record, too, is prophetic on how he would govern.

So many young
people support him, because it is their future he is defending.
They understand his unencumbered message, because it is so pure
and so simple. He diagnoses fundamentals and root causes.
All else is treating symptoms. The youth are the ones whose financial
future is at stake and who must fight the wars for empire and natural
resources. They are the posterity, and we sin against them to shackle
them with perpetual war and with this debt. Our youth are our best
hope in this crisis.

I absolutely
favor a strong national defense and control of the borders against
those genuine extremists who enter the country biding their
time to do us harm, as does 10-term congressman Ron Paul. But do
we Christians not understand that the blood of hundreds of thousands
of innocent civilians is on our hands through wars of liberation
and the immoral abandonment of the just war theory?

Do we not
recognize that Iraq is about the theft of natural resources that
belong to someone else, done in the virtuous name of the
American people? The perpetual war is about war profiteering and
installing forward bases and puppet regimes. It is conducted in
the name of "democracy," while the warmongers dismantle
our Constitutional republic at home one sacred Amendment at a time.
The founders refused to sacrifice liberty for security.
Their warnings against this Faustian bargain echo ominously in this

A Christian
Constitutionalist, Dr. Paul absolutely stands faithfully in one
place within the vertical mainstream of the true American tradition.

Christians have a duty to defend the faith as a sacred trust that
was "once for all delivered to the saints." It belongs
to us. The Christian churches in general are not the "abomination,"
for example, that Mormon founder Joseph Smith said they were. Even
so, we defend Mitt Romney's right to appeal to the churches for

Nor are we
unequal citizens to be marginalized off the spectrum by extremists
on the pagan left, assuming we are the religious right. Who
really stands in the virtuous middle?

Why should
we the people who did ordain and establish the Constitution for
the several States united be reduced to having to constantly
scream and yell to our representatives to just, "Please,
do us no harm!" over the lawlessness of illegal immigration,
suspension of habeas corpus, spying on the American people,
unsound paper money and fiscal policies that threaten all of us
with a collapsing economy, or the insane threat of dropping nuclear
bombs on the people of Iran? A true Constitutional order
must emerge from this chaos, and not a One World Order and the end
of the nation-state as we know it.

The modern
sophistry can only be overcome by critical thinkers and by faithful
adherents to our Constitution, despite suppression of the truth
by the modern corporate Ministry of Propaganda, misnamed
the mainstream media, and their illusion of objective reporting.

We must set
upright the flatworldview model. For 200 years in America, the true
political spectrum was vertical. If we do not replace the false
idea with the true, the leftward drift will continue, and Christians
will continue to serve as enablers, instead of wise and virtuous
philosopher-kings we are supposed to be.

We have a
unique opportunity to elect a man of such great hope for America
who uniquely embodies not only traditional faith, but also fidelity
to the Constitution.

If we fail
to recognize that we also suffer from a divided worldview in the
form of Christian dualism, as if the sacred is somehow separate
from or superior to the secular, then we will continue blindly to
be a part of the problem, instead of part of the solution.

A Methodist
minister named Bob Jones Sr. said long ago, "There is no difference
between the secular and the sacred. To the Christian, everything
is sacred." In the 1960s and 70s, Christians actually believed
that "politics is a dirty business," and that "a
Christian has no business in politics." In view of the modern
crisis, was that a dumb idea, or what?

Time is of
the essence in this crisis. The unique candidacy of Dr. Ron Paul
is perhaps the last best hope for America.

We, of all
people, ought to understand that those who swear to protect, preserve
and defend the Constitution are bound by a solemn oath, and we must
hold them to their word. The Constitution belongs to us as creator.
The thing created cannot be greater than its creator. It is incumbent
on us in 2008 to run for office as true citizen-legislators.

is lawlessness," the Apostle John said. As salt and light,
Christians play a redemptive role both in the general culture and
in public policy. A self-governing republic is designed for a virtuous
people, not the libertine, the founders said.

One thing
is certain. We cannot survive the leftward drift any longer. Dr.
Paul may truly be the last best hope for America as president.
Read the Magna Carta. Read the Constitution.
Let us quit the Flatworldview Society in unison and reclaim
our roots, persuading the people. As Francis Schaeffer said, the
whole world is watching.

1, 2008

David Cross
[send him mail] has
published a 57-page Manual of Critical Ideas and Strategies for
making a real difference in the 2008 Campaign for President, &
beyond, and has made an excerpt available at the internet website
Southern Fried Politics.

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