Cut From the Same Parchment

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Sleepers Awake!
You are already part of the Ron Paul rEVOLution
or one of its many beneficiaries:

that this precious Constitution, thus wise, thus just, is your
birth-right. It has been earned for you by your fathers, who counseled
much, labored long, and shed their dearest blood, to win it for
their children. To them, it was the fruit of toil and danger —
to you, it is a gift. Do not slight it on that account, but prize
it as you ought. It is yours, no human power can deprive you of
it but your own folly and wickedness. To undervalue, is one of
the surest ways to lose it. Take pains to know what the Constitution
is — the more you study, the higher you will esteem it. The better
you understand your own rights, the more likely you will be to
preserve and guard them. And, in the last place, my beloved young
countrymen, your country’s hope, her treasure, and one day to
be her pride and her defence; remember that a constitution which
gives to the people so much freedom, and entrusts them with so
much power, rests for its permanency, on their knowledge and virtue…

The virtuous
citizen is the true noble. He who enlightens his understanding
— controls his passions — feels for his country’s honor — rejoices
in her prosperity — steps forth to aid her in the hour of danger
— devotes to her advancement the fruits of his mind, and consecrates
to her cause, his time, his property, and his noblest powers,
such a man is one of God’s nobility… We have seen such men among
us; we hope to see many more…

The words above
were published in a Catechism
on the Constitution
in 1828, by Arthur J. Stansbury, a clergyman
and educator, also
a reporter
, and the artist who sketched a picture of his friend
John Quincy Adams as
Adams lay on his deathbed
. Arthur got around you might say.
He did some other artwork
as well.

Don't underestimate
this little
children's book
. Virtually sophistry free, its perspective
on the Constitution is superior to that of our sitting Supreme
— and it has been used to wake up attorneys who already
had their Juris
. The Constitution was not really part of the
agenda in their law schools. They
have been able to trust the judges to tell them what the law "means."

Principles of Liberty Are Timeless

The words of
the first paragraph from Stansbury could be describing Ron Paul's
aspirations for the next generation or
his campaign platform
and the second could be describing
the character of Ron Paul himself. Tragically, the entire field
of candidates for the Presidency does not contain one other person
who could hold a candle to Doctor Paul — not one who could begin
to articulate the
founding principles of our Republic
with any degree of accuracy
or reverence.

There are many
of us who have been nurturing the seeds of this rEVOLution
for a long time against some considerable opposition. We have been
designing the curriculum if you will. And it will continue to expand
and cover the globe.

Our country
did not arrive at this dangerous place in time without a lot of
planning by someone. But identifying the perpetrators is
of far less importance than taking up the cause which is primarily
educational in nature at this point. "They" are "banking"
on a plan to keep us distracted. We now possess the
to make our fellow citizens immune to their rhetoric and
propaganda. Lights On! Cockroaches Gone!

The enjoyment
of human Liberty
rests on the assumption that human beings prefer freedom to slavery.
Jeffersonian, Madisonian, and now, Ron Paulian
theory presumes that mankind can achieve escape velocity when
education reaches a certain level of saturation in the populace:

I know of
no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the
people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened
enough to exercise their control with wholesome discretion, the
remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion
by education [emphasis added].

Thomas Jefferson in a Letter to Wm. C. Jarvis, 1820

The apparent
support for the other candidates comes from quarters of our society
who have been deceived into believing they can have everything
PDQ. This support
is fickle and ultimately ineffectual. Their ends are not justified
and they seem to care little about their means — or they are ignorant
of cause and effect relationships in politics, economics, and especially

There is another
quarter that is not often directly heard from. Someone else usually
speaks or acts on their behalf. It is always easy for them to find
lackeys and sycophants among those who think they are politically
astute — among those who lust for power over others [most politicians
crave power even more than money or they would be bankers]. They
are also much more patient than most of us. When we cannot wait,
they are only too happy to take long
and harvest the fruits of our labor along with our
liberty. But they are not divinely chosen to rule over us. They
are merely the buzzards who patiently wait to pick the bones of
our neglected liberties. How quickly buzzards are scattered by almost
any commotion. They know they are buzzards.

We must become
more patient than our adversaries — and we must continue to teach
the Principles
of Americanism
. And with the Internet we will continue to
fire "the
shot heard round the world

“By the rude
bridge that arched the flood,
Their flag to April’s breeze unfurled,
Here once the embattled farmers stood
And fired the shot heard round the world.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Almost everyone
is noticing that the bright young folks we see being interviewed
at Ron Paul gatherings are also cut from the same parchment. They
are articulate and well informed. The light has been turned on —
and it’s not going out. They are beginning to understand the meaning
and power of words like no other generation since 1776. This is
a new phenomenon. When challenged, they don't just refer to Ron
Paul like a Hillary,
McCain, or Obama, Zombie might do if asked about their champion.
Ron Paul's young Patriot friends draw in the interviewers and point
them to the principles of original American Greatness. This revolution
is not a cult of personality. They imitate Ron Paul as he imitates
the Founders. And they will have global counterparts.

We will continue
to honor this next generation by bequeathing the legacy of liberty
that alone recognizes "that
they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,
that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

We will not
diss them
by perpetuating the lie that government should be their Nanny Over
We The People taking care of their every contrived "need"
and expecting to have the discretion to control, abuse, or destroy
them at will.

Once these
kids are awakened they can easily compare the platforms of the other
candidates and the
Communist Manifesto
and come up with some cogent conclusions.
After some informed analysis they may not prefer communism
at all — no matter how it is sugar-coated and marketed.

Would you underestimate
the potential of an acorn at first glance? How about a tiny trickle
of water that creeps into a small crevice before freezing and splitting
a huge granite bolder?

Never underestimate
Ron Paul any more than you would underestimate a Jefferson
in retrospect or a Thomas
. He is the real deal — and he is Cloneable.

Keep learning
and educating everyone you can — realizing that any gains from a
victorious election will be short-lived if the society has not been
properly prepared. Without All
of its philosophical underpinnings
our first rEVOLution would
have been a dismal failure. As it is, the world is still studying
it as the only precedent for returning the lawful powers
of government to the control of the People — subject only to their
informed consent — executed through their written constitutions
and laws — "and
at all times amenable to them

immense effect may be produced by small powers wisely and steadily

Noah Webster, Founding Father of American Education, 1828

It is up to
us to shorten the learning curve to Liberty!

14, 2008

Huff [send him mail] is a
Classical Libertarian and proprietor of;
a former public school music teacher turned home schooling advocate;
a US Navy veteran, and host of
is available as a guest
or for interviews on talk radio.

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