Time To Walk Away

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When I was
a child there was an often spoken proverb "believe nothing
you hear and only half of what you see." I think the intent
was that we should be suspicious of "hearsay." We don't
often hear this little proverb now days, but I think it still has
much to say about the goings on of our governments and especially
the mouth piece of governments; the mainstream media.

If we Americans
learn nothing else from the 2008 presidential election campaign
we should all realize that the media bias (which is obvious) stands
as a reminder that it is time (past time) to turn away and resort
to another means of information gathering if we are to avoid the
consequences of acting based upon false information.

The present
war in the Middle East should "ring bells." Indeed the
very present condition of our economy should "ring bells."

I am amazed
at the minds of our young people in this country. They have not
yet become "brainwashed" to the point of not being affected
by the sounds of liberty and freedom. They are discovering the real
laws of economy and liberty and the free market by a relatively
new medium of information, the INTERNET.

Whether this
was intentional on their part or just providential the facts remain
that one can gather much information that includes falsehoods as
well as truths and then utilize that indispensable tool of man called

About three
years ago I trashed my TV (literally) to make a statement to anyone
who would notice! I have never regretted it! The most obvious results
were that I felt happier, less depressed. Having read many writings
by the authors and contributors on mises.org and its related web
sites I now know that I wasn't completely insane in trashing my

When I was
a very young child I learned that the easiest and less painful way
to respond to a bully or other children who would not play by the
rules but insisted on making up their own rules, was simply to walk
away and find another game or source of fun. I think it's time for
Americans to walk away from the MSM. As a Minister of faith I know
that nothing is more difficult than breaking from tradition. The
MSM is an unprofitable tradition in American families. Just look
at the progress that was made before it became a tradition! The
internet may have started as a FAD but I hope it continues as tradition.

William Shakespeare
has quoted or stated "the pen is mightier than the sword."
I know of no intellectual that would argue with that. So it seems
that we should choose the pen far more often than the sword. Educated
to truth really is the only means by which any nation may have peace
and prosperity.

It's not really
necessary to avoid TV altogether. It's a good idea to keep one eye
on the enemy while you are searching for truth. You can do that
without falling for his many devices. A bird is not caught in a
snare if he knows it's there! The owners of MSM are not altogether
ignorant, only evil-minded. If enough people walk away the MSM will
have to start playing by the rules more often. The free market really
does work if we give it opportunity.

4, 2008

Arnold Hendrix
[send him mail] is an
ordained Baptist minister, married and the father of three children.
He is a retired Navy veteran and also retired from Texas Department
of Criminal Justice.

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